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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 6

On the train, when Kang Hyuk sees Eun Bi, she tells him the she will keep the shop and agrees to work with him. When he leaves, she takes out her stomach medicine and is just about to consume it when Chi Soo appears and snatches it away from her, thinking that she wants to poison herself. was playing with a

Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk end up in fight, when Chi Soo give Kang Hyuk a punch upon seeing the latter. Eun Bi scolds Chi Soo for being crazy and tells him to stop. Kang Hyuk adds fuel to the fire when he declares that Eun Bi is his wife.

Chi Soo  looks down at the packet he’s holding in his hand, he cringes: it’s a laxative not poison.  When Eun Bi demands to know what he’s doing here, and why he wants her medicine, he stares at the packet in horror, and he takes off screaming in the other direction. 

As Eun Bi tends to Kang hyuk’s wound, she asks how he knows Chi Soo. He winks in response saying that their encounter was more like a short moment in time, suggesting that Chi Soo must have had some business here, but she’s doubtful.

Meanwhile, Chi Soo sits in the train station, freezing and with no money and no phone, he manages to  fins a mobile phone he can use. He calls his father and than Hyun Woo, but neither of them pick up his call. So Chi Soo leaves a dramatic message, saying he woke up in hell or prison or worse, and screams into the mobile phone to be picked up at once as it records his message.

As Chi Soo sits huddled in the train station, we get a flashback to the night before, when Eun  Bi was saying her goodbyes at school; clearer this time around, that he is falling for her as his expression changes.

Sitting in Hyun Woo’s café and holding Eun Bi’s nametag, he is daze as he asks his friend what it means when someone starts acting put of character suddenly, like suddenly taking up a new sport. Hyun Woo thinks he means that So yi is dieting or something, but Chi Soo denies saying that it is not like that and give another example,  “When someone’s hair swishes back and forth like a unicorn’s tail, and when her body glistens like a mermaid.” Puzzled, Hyun Woo wonders what kind of sport is that, than Chi Soo asks what it means if someone says to live a nice life. and Hyun Woo replies that most probably that person is going somewhere.

With that Chi Soo rushes over to the ramyun shop, but finds it closed with a sign on the door in crayon saying that it is for sale. Just then, Kang Hyuk walks up and greets him as Hong Chi Soo. Ignoring his name being said wrongly, Chi Soo demands to know where “his wife” is. And  Kang Hyuk says she is not his wife anymore, and that she is in happier place. Chi Soo murmurs that she must have gotten dumped... again. Kang Hyuk suddenly calls Chi Soo by his proper name: “Cha Chi Soo, are you happy?” Chi Soo scoffs at the question, as if it’s a given when your name is Cha.

He rushes over to the ramyun shop, but finds it closed. There’s a sign on the door in crayon that she’s selling the place. Kang-hyuk walks up and greets him as Hong Chi-soo, and Chi-soo demands to know where “his wife” is.
Kang-hyuk says she’s not his wife anymore, and says she’s “In a happier place.” Chi-soo murmurs to himself that she must’ve gotten dumped. Again. Kang-hyuk suddenly calls Chi-soo by his proper name: “Cha Chi-soo, are you happy?” He scoffs at the question, as if it’s a given when your name is Cha.

That night, back home Chi Soo tosses and turns in bed, holding Eun Bi's nametag and thinking through the events of the past day and what they could mean. He finally assumes that that her apology and final-sounding goodbye means the worse and rushes back to the ramyun shop in a panic. He still finds the shop closed, but this time he notices the stack of all her teaching books left out on the street for anyone to take.

Panicky, he calls Hyun Woo and asks what it means if a twenty-something woman gets dumped, fired, starts acting out of character, and starts throwing away things that are important to her, and leaves on a trip. Where is she going?

After a pause, Hyun Woo says that its either she has gone on a trip to clear her head, or it might be her last trip in her life that she is going to make. With that, Chi Soo freaks out and starts driving around frantically looking for Eun Bi. He happens to see her flag a cab down the street and starts to recall the day he saw her at the basketball court.

So he chases after her all the way to the train station, just in time to see her standing at the pharmacy counter before walking away. Worries he asks what kind of medicine she bought, and the pharmacist insists that it’s a patient’s privacy. Chi Soo flips out, thinking that her life is on the line and insists to know what kind of medicine she purchased, accusing the pharmacist of randomly handing out dangerous medications.With that the pharmacist counters defensively that she was in bad condition, weary, and in dire straits.

Now, back in the present time, Chi Soo sits up in bed, clutching the laxative in fury, "Yang... Eun...Bi… So humiliating!” His father comes in and Chi Soo refuses to acknowledge him as his father (because he didn’t answer his phone last night).  He declares, “I have no father! This is my father now!” (holding up his Pororo) Outside, Chi Soo's father asks his secretary to find out exactly what Chi Soo was up to last night.

At school, Chi Soo’s friends play back his super dramatic voice mail on speaker, demanding to know where he was and what happend, since he made them run all over town searching for him.
He insists that it was no big deal, he just wanted to go, and storms out. Hyun Woo catches up to him in the hall and asks why the teacher (Eun Bi) was there. Chi Soo says it was for her father’s ashes, and then looks at his friend in shock, “How did you know it was Intern?”

Hyun Woo just smiles knowingly, saying that he must have been worried about her. While Chi Soo guffaws that it's a ridiculous conjecture. But when Hyun Woo asks him why did he go, Chi Soo has not answer and hits himself over the head in frustration. He is sitting in the gym watching the other kids play basketball, but instead of the kids playing basketball all he sees is Eun-bi, hitting her volleyball, glistening with sweat and bathed in angelic light. Horrified, he darts up shaking his head, " No. No, it can’t be… why would I… that kind of woman… like there’s some shortage of women around…"

While visiting her father's ashes, Eun Bi recalls that he even smiled on the day she lost the championship volleyball match. When the coach asked how Eun Bi could do such a thing, all her father said was,“If it’s Eun-bi, she can. Because she’s special.”

As Kang Hyuk and Wun Bi walk along the shore and he complains about his jaw, but she retorts that he shouldn’t joke around like that then. Then, he puts both hands on her shoulders and looks straight at her. “You’re special, Yang Eun-bi.”

Back to a Chi Soo in denial, trying to convince himself that what he thinks is happening is not happening. Because if you will yourself to stop thinking about someone, it serves as a good method to eradicate such feelings. He calls So Yi out for a date, but ends up getting distracted and hallucinating about Eun Bi. It is hilarious. 

Eun Bi and Kang Hyuk arrive back in Seoul, constantly yell at him not to lie down in random places. She tells him to go first, and stops by the same pharmacy again, to ask for some ointment for scars and some more laxative.

Kang Hyuk finds Ba Wool waiting outside the ramyun shop with his bags packed. So Kang Hyuk feeds him ramyun, and quotes a common saying from parents, that he feels full just by watching Ba Wool eat, asking if he wants to be his kid. Ba Wool gets angry, and then Kang-hyuk pulls out a note, again in crayon, a Help Wanted sign asking for part-time employees.
Ba Wool asks Kang Hyuk if he really owns the ramyun shop now and what happens to Eun Bi? Kang Hyuk replies that he is her owner too, which rattles Ba Wool not liking that idea. Kang Hyuk leaves him leaves him in charge of the store while he attends to some business… in the toilet. It turns out now he’s constipated too, and smiles.

As Ba Wool is the only one watching the store, Chi Soo arrives with Hyun Woo, and immediately there is another brawl. Chi Soo doesn’t understand why they’re fighting again, since he told So Yi to see Ba Wool too, and besides, he NEEDS to see Intern. Ba Wool growls in response and warns Chi Soo not to mess with people’s hearts that way. But Chi Soo scoffs that Ba-wool’s one to talk. “Aren’t you dating So-yi for the same reasons I am? Because she’s pretty?” That’s just enough fuel to Ba-wool’s fire and he lunges at Chi-soo.

Kang Hyuk manages to calm the situation and by a twist of events (and Eun Bi's horror), Chi So becomes their shop part-timer.



“Adorable” is the word to sum up the whole episode. I can’t help but laugh at how adorable Kang Hyuk is in this show. He is like a kid hidden in a giant body. I was amused at how comfortable he can be sleeping almost everywhere. I expected him to be the ‘mother hen’ to the kids in the ramyun shop because he is such a caring person. Oh, did I mention about his adorable smile and his expression when he calls Eun Bi his wife? Cute.

This episode I am laughing at the mess and the chaos Chi Soo had gotten himself into. He is another big kid who is confused with his feeling for Eun Bi. On the other hand, his friend Hyun Woo is able to understand Chi Soo thoughts and appears to be the more mature person in this show. He always listening to Chi Soo and helps him to think of solutions or advises.

Ba Wool is very protective of Eun Bi and his goddess So Yi. But honestly, So Yi did not do anything to deserve his devotion. I guess this is unfair to Ba Wool until So Yi really shows that she appreciate Ba Wool at the later episodes. Eun Bi at some points seems to be trying hard to be somebody that she is not. Basically, she is trying to hide her true self and tried to think and act maturely. However, she is like a little girl in front of her father.

Last but not least, Poor Cha Chi Soo. OH, Poor little puppy! Eun Bi must have hurt you deeply. But he had a sweet revenge when he accepted the offer to work as a part timer. He is going to work with Eun Bi and he grin and wink at her. In order for him to stop hallucinating, Chi Soo had to be with Eun Bi. The part when Chi Soo imagination runs wild about Eun Bi in her uniform, tied a pony tail and tossing the ball in front of him was hilarious.


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