Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Flowerboy Ramyun Shop Episode 7

Eun Bi thought that Chi Soo wanted revenge. Unaware of his intention, she uses a pot and asked him to hit her with it if he will feel better after that and leave her alone. Upset with her gesture, Chi Soo turned and left. Unexpectedly, he stop at the door, turned around and asked whether Eun Bi is doing part time job here. Kang Hyuk replied, “of course, she is my wife.” Pleased with the answer, he told Kang Hyuk that he will do the part time job to the astonishment of the rest of the people.

Eun Bi chased Chi Soo to his car and ask him why he wanted to work here. He said that this is a practice of management for him. EunBi ask him to find somewhere else to practice. However, Chi Soo refused; instead he took out the contract and reminded her that they are co-worker now. He winked at her and left, leaving her alone on the street yelling at the sky and asked, “Why me!” Ironically, Kang Hyuk said to the other two, “ is’nt my wife great?” Haha. They gave an awkward smile instead.

The next day, there was some renovation going on in the shop. Eun Bi served some beverages for the workers. To her surprise, he told her that this is a very tough job as he seemed to do all the things by himself without any help. Eun Bi looked around and saw Ba Wool trying to hit a nail into a fence with a hammer, but it seems that he could not get it right. Then she saw hyun woo trying to paint the wall but he does not know where to start. The most hilarious part is Kang Hyuk sleeping under the table. Just then Chi Soo came into the shop, well dressed and holding a chair and a cup of coffee. He just sat in the middle and commented everyone for their hard work.

The renovation work was done and everyone stood outside the shop. They were happy and satisfied that the shop will be open soon. At the supermarket, Eun Bi keeps pestering Kang Hyuk to cancel Chi Soo appointment. At the same time, Ba Wool came along and keeps whining to Kang Hyuk that he does not want to share a room with Hyun Woo. Both of them started to act like a kid and became whiny with Kang Hyuk.

Ba Wool came into the room baring his upper body and he was surprised to see Hyun Woo doing some facial. He was curious why Chi Soo came to work, instead of giving a straight answer, Hyun Woo placed a blanket on Ba wool worried that he is cold. But Ba Wool was disgusted with his gesture. On the other hand, Mr Cha was worried about Chi Soo and was puzzled that he took up the part time job. However, Chi Soo avoided his questioning. At the same time, we discovered that Eun Bi father shop was the one that they plan to acquire.

The next day, the team was all ready to open the ramyun shop for business. The customers, mostly ladies were attracted to the handsome men in the shop so the business was blooming. Eun Bi and her friends were discussing why Chi Soo came here to work. They came to a conclusion that he is here for revenge. They started to imagine the scenario in their head.

Back at the ramyun shop, people are queuing up for the pickled radish and we find that Chi Soo was serving the pickled radish. His friends who came to visit were surprise to find Chi Soo working there. News spread fast about Chi Soo working at the ramyun shop. The newspaper had labeled him as the ‘Radish Man’. Hyun Woo asked Chi Woo to tell Eun Bi directly that he is here because of her. Just then, a group of men in black came and Hyun Woo ran away. Chi Soo found out that Hyun Woo father had incurred a huge sum of debts and they are the debt collectors. To ensure the safety of everyone, Chi Soo asked Mr Cha men to install a surveillance camera at the entrance and gave instruction to hit a group of men dressed in black when they come by.

Ba Wool friends dressed formally in black came to visit him at the ramyun shop and they met So Yi along the way. On the other hand, Kang Hyuk cooked a delicious bowl of curry ramyun for Ba Wool. He asked Chi Soo if he want a bowl too, he rejected. Instead he ate a pickled radish and fantasies about Eun Bi.

Busy kneading the dough, Eun Bi hair was all messed up. A pair of hands reaches for her hair from behind. This pair of hands belonged to Kang Hyuk. He gently tied her hair and commented that she is the sexiest when she uses strength. At the same time, he let her sample the broth he had just invented and his intention to place it in the menu. After he left, Eun Bi continued to knead the dough. Her hair is all over the place again and this time round a pair of hands reaches for her hair and she instinctively thought that it was Kang Hyuk. To her surprise, it was Chi Soo, Just then, Ba Wool rushed in and stop Chi Soo from being so close to Eun Bi. He accused Chi Soo for planning to take revenge on them.

Ba Wool friends on the way to the ramyun shop, because So Yi hurts her legs they were helping her. Chi Soo men thought that they were bad people and beat them up. This led to a misunderstanding between them. Desperate to clear the misunderstanding and put an end to all these, he took out the credit card and ask Hyun Woo to clear his debt to the dismay of others. He was asked to leave the ramyun shop. Upset with the event, he turned and leave the place. Coincidently, Eun Bi ex-boyfriend came in and Chi Soo remembered that they met previously in school. When asked if they are together, Chi Soo almost said that everything is over. But before he finish his sentence, Eun Bi immediately grabbed Chi Soo arm and called him ‘honey’ and Chi Soo called her, ‘my pretty baby.” Everyone was shocked at the sudden change of event.

Everybody wants to find out what actually happen. Chi Soo play coy and direct the question to Eun Bi to everyone disappointment. Eun Bi asked Chi Soo to the rooftop and asked him to act as his ‘honey’. Pretending that Eun Bi had placed him in a difficult position, Chi Soo agreed to help with a condition and that is he can see her whenever he wants.

The scene where Kang Hyuk and Chi Soo tied hair for Eun Bi was so sweet and gentle. I can see that when Kang Hyuk help to tied Eun Bi hair, she felt secure, just like a fatherly figure. I believe not only to Eun Bi, he is like an elder brother to the rest of them. On the other hand, Eun Bi was so tense and nervous whenever Chi Soo is around, it is as through Chi Soo had been sending electrical wave to Eun Bi and she could not resist him.

I sort of pity Chi Soo in this episode. He had a good intentions but the methods he uses is always wrong. But we cannot blame him as he is a rich man at the first place, furthermore, he was so well protected by his father. It is not his fault that he thought everything can settle through money. He is just a clueless and childish boy who is confused with his feelings. However, I believe he will grow up and be more mature in the coming episodes.


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