Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2NE1's management agency apologizes for group's use of live animals in show

SEOUL: Korean girl group 2NE1's management agency, YG Entertainment, has apologized for using live animals in the quartet's stage performance, during a recent episode of a Korean music programme, reported Korean media on Monday.

2NE1's CL had performed the group's new song "I Love You" with a parrot perched on her shoulder, and a flock of swans were placed at the corner of the stage, during 2NE1's performance which was broadcasted on Sunday.

The quartet's performance had sparked outrage among some animal lovers who felt it was wrong to use live animals as props.  In response to their criticism, YG Entertainment said, "We had enlisted the help of animal trainers and experts, and had put together 2NE1's stage performance after consulting them. We had put in a lot of effort to create a good performance, but if it had brought discomfort to some viewers, we sincerely apologize."



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