Monday, April 02, 2012

Vanness Wu & 2PM Junho to collaborate for song "Unbeatable"

Source: LibertyTimes

With Autumn's Concerto and Material Queen being successes, Vanness Wu will be taking on the leading role in the upcoming SETTV drama Love Chocolate. Love Chocolate's production team has termed this romantic idol drama as akin to the modern day version of Butterfly Lovers. As with all idol dramas, the male and female leads are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

One special element of Love Chocolate is that Korea famous idol group 2PM's Lee Junho was invited to sing the theme song named "Unbeatable"with Vanness.  This special collaboration allows fans and audiences alike to experience a collaboration between two popular singers from Taiwan and Korean singer.

Ever sinceworking with Kang-Ta, Vanness has been receiving many overseas offers for collaboration etc.. He selected 2PM's Junho to work with him on the theme song "Unbeatable". Vanness has been very happy to be able to collaborate with 2PM's Junho. He revealed, "I feel like I fate with Korea. In terms of acting, it has been females. But for music, it started witht Kangta and now Junho. Junho's chinese enunciation is really accurate. I am really grateful for Junho being willing to collaborate with me and sing the song in mandarin." This cross-country collaboration is definitely something for fans to look forward to. "Unbeatable" will be broadcasted on HIT FM on March 30th.
Despite Junho not knowing Chinese, with the help of the translator and much practice, the song was completed within a short period of time."Unbeatable" being Junho's first Chinese song, on the day of the recording, although Junho relied heavily on the translator for communications with the producer regarding the emotions required for the song and the desired tune. 

"Unbeatable" is a song that about obstacles in life must be faced, positively and with faith whether it is love or other aspects in life, to be as the song's title "Unbeatable".



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