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Lost and Found (a.k.a Sweet Lie)

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Happened to come across this Korean movie on MIO TV some time back, it was a movie that was easy to watch and pass the time. Lost and Found is a romance comedy and it had its fluffy as well as funny moments.

Basically the storyline is about a girl, Han Ji-ho, who is a lowly TV writer on the brink of losing her job. She stays with her younger brother Ji-hoon. Opposite them is Ji-ho’s childhood friend Park Dong-shik, a women’s lingerie designer. Ji-ho and Dong-shik are very comfortable with each other, to the extent that he buys the siblings toilet paper when they run out of it.

During her high school days, while Ji-ho idolized Kang Min-woo, the latter hardly knew of her existence. This despite the fact that Ji-ho painstakingly spent months making him a stuffed elephant doll that was inspired by their school trip to the zoo (where she had gotten her head stuck between the railings of one of the animal enclosure). Once done with the doll, she could not muster the courage to give it to him in person, so she does it anonymously instead.

While chasing a thief for her handbag, she gets into an accident (she practically crashes in to a car coming out of a driveway). The driver so happens to be her high school crush, Kang Min-woo. She’s not seriously injured, but ends up feigning amnesia (since she lost her bag, so no form of identity) to gain his sympathy and gets the opportunity to stay in Min-Woo’s house.

With no way to confirm her identity, Min-woo is forced to take her home, to his dismay but to Ji-ho’s great delight. So he brings her home and puts up with the temporary inconvenience, while Ji-ho spends her days playing the part of perfect guest… and potential future wife. She cooks for him (with the wonder of microwave meals), mends his shirts (which results in her accidentally sewing his sleeve to her pants), and performs to her best capability as a sweet, demure lady.

Min-woo wonders why there is no one looking her and it is not too difficult to keep up the ruse, Ji-ho’s brother is not that concerned about her (since their parents have passed) and more concerned about his girlfriend. The only person that cares about her disappearance is Dong-shik, but his attempts to report her missing are disregarded by the police, who tell him to wait longer, adding to his frustration.

As the days go by, Min-woo starts to warm to Ji-ho’s calculated actions being his preferred type: quiet and feminine just like his mom. However, the act does take its tool on Ji-ho who battles with her conscience as Min-woo starts warming up to her, wanting to give up and yet unable to let this golden opportunity pass by. It does not help her conscience when Min-woo mentions that after having once dated a lair, he prizes honesty above all else and has difficulty trusting people now because of his experience.

Ji-ho’s conscience is not the only thing that halts her plan: another complication arises due to her lies. While out shopping in the supermarket, Dong-shik finds her and identifies her, despite her futile attempts claiming that she does not know him. Ji-ho is unable to lie in front of Min-woo further, but thankfully Dong-shik buys her story of getting amnesia. Her brother, upon hearing what happened to her, really believes the story and is horrified. Having found someone that identified her, Min-woo has no reason to keep her by his side anymore, too bad that he was just starting to get interested in her. Ji-ho tries to create excuses to keep bumping into him though.

Back home, Dong-shik and Ji-ho’s brother try various methods to help her “regain” her lost memories by painting themselves in a flattering light and totally the opposite of what they are truly like, twisting some truths in the process. Dong-shik brings her around the city that they visited together in the past and the high-school they attended. He even organizes a mini-reunion with their high-school friends. He even tells her that she used to harass the boys in school and that he had to defend. Ji-jo grits her teeth as she clearly remembers that he was the one that harassed her and all the boys that ever showed interest in her. But she can’t say a thing if she doesn’t want her act to be discovered.

Dong-shik’s attempts to get Ji-ho to remember who she is starts to interfere with her plans to get to Min-woo. It does not help her case when her boss calls her in for a new project. Not wanting to lose her job, she head out to the station ready to act “normal” at work. However, Ding-shik is curious and follows her, wondering why she is there, which ends up having to act “amnesiatic” with her co-workers. She gets frustrated with Dong-shik being there interfering with her work and her act.

It is evident that Dong-shik is attracted to Ji-ho, although he does not show it that much. While Ji-ho starts getting closer to Min-woo, Dong-shik interrupts a date that Ji-hoo and Min-woo and declares that they have been dating for two year, much to Ji-ho’s chagrin but she can’t refute that because of her “amnesia”. But she manages to convince Min-woo that it is not true. However, as time goes by Ji-ho realizes that she likes Dong-shik, while Min-woo was an illusion that she created. She did not really know the real Min-woo, who is actually pretty boring, but had created an image she had of him.

She’s in a dilemma, and when her brother gives her some advise by telling her that he dumped the girl he was chasing for ages because she was not the girl that he had thought her to be and it was like a shoe that doesn’t fit. His advise resonates with her as she is starting to feel stifled in her own lies. She makes her decision: Dong-shik. Min-woo is slightly upset but the towards the end of the movie we can see that he might be getting a new “girlfriend”, a kindergarten teacher he once knew in school and meets in the zoo.

Overall, a fun and fluffy movie to watch, although the storyline can be a little cliché it is still entertaining on those boring days.


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