Friday, February 10, 2012

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Part I

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心)  > Episode 2 Part I 
After spending the day riding Ling Long, Rouxi tells Roulan about her adventures and how good the horse was and had fine qualities. Roulan looks at Rouxi in surprise, was cause Rouxi to pause and ask her sister if she knows how to ride. Roulan asks her is she cannot remember again, and Rouxi affirms that she cannot remember. Rouxi is relieved to learn that she did not know how to ride horses prior to today’s experience, and that in the past no matter how hard her father forced her to ride, she absolutely refused to learn. 

Relieved, Rouxi declares that she had discovered that she actually likes horse riding and asks her sister to join her the next time, she winces as she sits. At her asking, Roulan turns away and tries to avoid the question and tells Rouxi to take a bath. Not catching on, Rouxi continues blabbering about how careful and considerate the 8th prince was, ensuring that she was safe and having fun. Despite all Rouxi has said praising the 8th prince, Roulan shows no interest in what Rouxi has to say about the 8th prince. 

When Roulan still shows no interest in what Rouxi is saying, Rouxi tells her sister that since they are married Roulan should try to be good to the 8th prince as he is good husband material and worth fighting for. Roulan ends up pricking her finger (she was sewing something) and states that she wants to go to the prayer hall and do some chanting. Seeing her sister’s reaction, Rouxi bites her lips and asks Qiaohui if she had said anything inappropriate. She is relieved to learn that she had not. But than Qiaohui adds, “Second Mistress, actually when two persons become husband and wife, there might be duty but fate is hard to force. To be able to live amicably is quite acceptable.” From what Qiaohui had said, Rouxi deduces that her sister does not really like the 8th prince, but Qiaohui denies having said anything to imply that conclusion. 

Soon after, Rouxi is out with Qiaohui looking for the 10th prince. Rouxi enjoys the company of the 10th prince, and tells Qiaohui not to reveal the fact that she enjoys his company. Qiaohui agrees that the 10th prince is quite an amusing person and that he would peeved if Rouxi does not tease him. Although he frequently loses when they are having a verbal argument, but ends up laughing happily when he loses to her. Rouxi agrees that the 10th prince is a simple and candid person. Although he is poor in the arts (literary) and has an impulsive temper, he would make a good friend as he is a simple man. Both girls laugh. 

While out looking for the 10th prince, Rouxi says they would be fine as long as they do not encounter the 4th princs, she nicknames him “Ice Face”. Unfortunately for Rouxi, her worse fears are confirmed when they do meet the 4th prince. She tries to make her escape before he notices her, but it is too late. 

The 4th prince calls out, “Maertai Rou Xi!” Upon hearing hear name being called, Rou Xi winces and makes a face before slowly turning around to greet the prince. He asks her if she is avoiding him, to which she denies. However the 4th prince points out that seeing her flee upon seeing him could be interpreted as such. Rouxi nervously replies that was so engrossed in a task that she was supposed to do, that she did not notice him, all the while giving herself away with her eyes darting all over the place. The 4th prince is not convinced and tells her that he thinks she has a guilty conscience about her death-seeking attempt recently. He is determined to find out her reasons for doing so, even if she refuses to tell him. The 4th prince repeats her words, “Seeking life thorough seeking death. If you don’t want to answer, then fine.” 

He turns and starts to walk away but Ruo Xi responds with a “Eh.” The 4th prince waits for a while before slowing walking back towards her, as Rouxi finds her voice. She tries to explain her situation metaphorically, “If I feel like I am in a dream but it is a dream that I cannot wake up from, what can I do?” The 4th confidently replies her with only 6 words, “Since you’re there, make the best of it. Do you understand?” 

While she thinks about what he has said, he continues, “Be flexible, even the hardiest wood would shatter under too much pressure.” Seeing that Rouxi is not responding, the 4th prince snorts, “Never mind. I am preaching to deaf ears!” With that he walks away, leaving Ruo Xi to mull over his words.


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