Friday, February 10, 2012

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Part II

After leaving Rouxi to ponder his words, the 4th princes proceeds to the study room where his brothers appear to be arguing. Puzzled, the 4th prince asks what the matter is. The 13th prince takes the opportunity and tells the others, “Good, since 4th brother is here, let’s hear his thoughts on the matter.” The other princes greet the 4th prince as they explain what caused the argument, which is about the 10th prince birthday celebration. The 8th prince explains that the10th prince wants to celebrate in his mansion, but the Crown Prince is also planning on hosting a celebration for the 10th prince, putting them in a dilemma as they do not want to offend the Crown Prince.

Upon hearing the reason, the 4th prince smile and says that since it is the 10th prince’s birthday, the Crown Prince had already given earlier instructions that the celebrations should be as what the 10th prince wants as it is his birthday. And since 10th wants the celebration at 8th’s place, then it should be so.

Happy that he is able to have his birthday celebration in the 8th prince’s mansion, the 10th prince requests that his celebration be held in Roulan’s abode and that Rouxi arrange his birthday celebrations. His requests stuns his brothers and they tease him as they know that he has feelings for Rouxi.

Meanwhile, Ruo Xi is siiting at the staircase where her accident occurred (and caused her to “lose” her memory). She sites there thinking about the 4th princes words. After sorting her thoughts, she leaps up, repeating his words once more and then says, “Bingo!”, raising her finger as she laughs softly in delight.

She saunters off and soon spots the maids playing with a shuttlecock. The young women laugh as they transfer the shuttlecock to one another. When it misses its target, Ruoxi catches the shuttlecock happily; pleased to find something she can play well. Qiaohui asks if Ruoxi knows the game, to which she replies, “A little.” She soon performs advanced kicks with the toy while the maids look on in awe. She twirls and spins, sending the shuttlecock up and out before sitting against the edge of a stone table continuing to kick the shuttlecock. One last flick sends the shuttlecock flying towards the 8th prince who has been silently observing Ruoxi’s performance with pleasure. The maids are alarmed and quickly curtsy to the 8th prince before retreating, leaving Rouxi with the 8th prince.

The 8th prince returns the shuttlecock, while Rouxi sulks that he was watching silently without warning any of his presence. He retorts, that she did not wake him when she saw him dozing in the horse carriage. He then invites her along to a discussion with Minghui (the first wide) and Roulan about the birthday celebrations for the 10th prince. Rouxi follows, tossing the shuttlecock over her shoulder.

When the subject is brought up, Ruolan tries to decline the request to organize 10th prince’s party, stating her inexperience might mar her husband’s reputation. But the 8th prince replies that it is the 10th prince’s wish. Minghui states that since it is their husband’s specific request, Ruolan should accept the task. Roulan finally agrees. The 8th prince reassures Ruolan that it will be a simple affair for the family, where everyone could relax and enjoy themselves.

Unhappy, Minghui offers her help, stressing that it should not affect the 8th prince’s dignity. Ruolan nods. The 8th prince says that he would be staying at Roulan’s when Minhui asks when he will visit her. In the kitchen, Qiaohui bosses the kitchen staff, asking for fresh fish, and telling them to be vigilant in the food preparation. Ruolan is standing at the door telling Qiaohui not to be too flustered by a simple family meal. But Qiaohui disagrees, saying that since the 8th prince seldom stays over, they must not make any mistakes in serving the prince. She has prepared the ingredients for dumplings since the 8th prince enjoys the dumplings that Ruolan personally wraps.

Rouxi asks why Qiaohui is more concerned about the dishes than her own sister and Qiaohui replies that she does not want Ruolan to suffer under the servants. As the 8th prince seldom stays over, the servants believe that Ruolan is not favoured by the 8th prince. Although Roulan is aware of the servants talk, she does not take it to heart. Qiao Hui adds that it is difficult to survive in the 8tj prince’s household if the Ce Fujin does not have any rank or status, she is anxious to ensure that Ruolan receives the respect she deserves. The10th prince’s birthday celebration would be the ideal opportunity to show off Ruolan’s ability.

Rouxi offers to help with the dumplings, declaring, “We have to to make a successful party for the 10th prince.” Ruolan smiles at her sister’s declaration, “Don’t worry, you are such good friends with him, I am sure he will appreciate the effort. I am well aware of your feelings for the 10th prince.” Ruoxi denies this and Ruo Lan replies that the 10th prince actually wants Ruoxi and not her to celebration arrangements.

Ruo Xi affirms that she is aware of the purpose and says that they are such happy playmates, and she enjoys their time together. Ruolan quietly stuffs a dumpling while listening to her sister assure her that she is taking too much into her relationship with the 10th prince.


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