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Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Part III

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Ruoxi sits beside the pond. She is bored and tries to throw stones to see how far the small pebbles cab skip. With her head tilted to the side, she skips each stone with repeated refrains, “I am bored, I am bored, I -am- bored!” Soon her neck is stiff from her posture. As she is gingerly rubbing her sore neck, she spots a rabbit nearby. She sneaks up to the rabbit in glee, cooing and it and offering it food in order or her to grab it. But before she has the opportunity to catch it, the rabbit runs off. In hot pursuit, Ruoxi repeats her cries to the rabbit “Don’t run!”

At this moment the 8th, 10th and 14th princes are walking across the garden. The 8th prince asks the 1th prince why he wanted Ruo Lan instead of Ming Hui to arrange his birthday. The10th prince tells his older brother not to make wild guesses. Although he enjoyed the past parties that Ming Hui had made for him., he feels that Rouxi would have more tricks up her sleeve and might come up with a fresh idea on how to celebrate his birthday.

Just as the princes are talking about Rouxi, her cries telling the rabbit not to run are heard from a distance before the actual person appears before them but too preoccupied looking for the rabbit to greet them. The10th prince calls her name in delight and darts towards her while the others follow. The 8th prince comments with a smile that Ruoxi is indeed different and impish, while the 14th prince remarks that it would be much better to meet her instead of just hearing about Ruoxi (he has never met her yet), noting that she does seem quite lively.

The 10th prince is behind Ruo Xi when she twirls in mid-step, grinning at the 8th prince, she declares that she is trying to catch a rabbit. When the 10th prince asks to see it, Rouxi looks for the rabbit and claims that it has been frightened away by the 10th prince. Disgruntled, he 10th prince is unhappy for getting blames, but the 14th prince comments that it would not be hard to find the rabbit, as the garden is garden.

Having not met the 14th prince before, Ruoxi looks curiously and the 8th prince introduces the 14th prince. She greets the prince before promptly running off with the 10th price to search for the rabbit together. Smiling, the other two princes follow suit and help capture the rabbit.

The rabbit is soon caught and Rouxi apologizes to the rabbit, which has been placed in a cage, promising to take good care of it since it has lost its freedom. While looking a the rabbit in its cage, she pensively remarks that they are alike: being trapped in their respective “cages”. A new female voice soon disturbs Ruoxi out of her reverie, saying that the fall must have damaged her. Rouxi looks up and examines the new face, a young woman dressed in fine white and blue silks. Ruoxi asks who she is and the young woman frowns, saying that Ruoxi must have really damaged her brain to not know who she is.

A memory comes to Rouxi as the scene of her falling down the stairs replays in her head, recognizing the vague female form who had laughed at the top of the stairs. Qiaohui’s voice accompanies the memory and Ruoxi concludes that the lady is Mingyu, Minghui’s younger sister. Rouxi keeps quiet and Mingyu angrily accuses Ruoxi of not taking her seriously, and Rouxi agrees. This further incenses Mingyu and she loses her temper exclaiming, “Even your sister needs to speak politely to me, who are you to speak to me like this?” With her sisten being mention, Ruoxi decides to be cautious and not cause more trouble for her sister. She replies, “Oh I remember now, you must be Gorolo Mingyu.” 

Rouxi tries to excuse herself, but Mingyu is intent on causing trouble for her. Mingyu stands forward and demands that Rouxi give her the rabbits because she wants them. But Ruoxi says there are some exceptions but Mingyu continues to demand for the rabbit. Rouxi replies that she has already given Mingyu, peased at the apparent surrender, Mingyu grabs the cage but Ruo Xi pushes her hand away clarifying, “I’ve already given you ‘face’.” 

Soon both girls struggle for the cage, Minghui appears and commands them to stop, asking Mingyu to release her grip. Minghui slyly references the rabbit while looking at Rou Xi, “Saying it (implying Rouxi) is just an animal, why are you fighting and lose your own dignity.” Minghui catches on and drops her hand, agreeing with the hidden sentiment and hisses ‘animal’ at Rouxi. Rouxi plans her revenge as the two walk away….

Which turns out to be borrowing the 10th prince's dog, and wanting to set the dog on a bad person. The 10th prince innocently asks who this bad person is and if there was anyone who had bullied Rouxi. However, Rouxi refuses to give further explanation and insists he loan her the dog. The 10th prince tells Ruoxi that the Gorolo sisters (Minhui and Mingyu) are known to be argumentative and unreasonable, stating that he is also somewhat afraid of the and that Ming Yu does not even respect him.

Ming Yu is spotted playing with her maid in the garden by Rouxi. So she ‘innocently’ calls the 10th prince over with his dog, asking to play where the two women are. Upon seeing Mingyu, the 10th prince suggests going elsewhere. But Rouxi insists that since it is the 8th prince’s household, they can play wherever they want. Although the 10th prince clearly wants to avoid any kind of confrontation with Mingyu, he complies to Rouxi’s wishes with a sigh.

So just when Mingyu is catching butterflies’ with a net, totally unaware of the two, Rouuxi asks what the dog likes to play and the 10th princes replies that it likes to play fetch. Before he realizes it, Rouxi suddenly throws the ball for the dog to fetch in Mingyu’s direction. Alarmed, the 10th prince sprints after his dog. But it is too late, the balls lands in Mingyu’s net and the dog leaps excitedly to retrieve it. Mingyu screams out of fear, and Rouxi also screams along feigning her horror as the dog lunges at Mingyu and causes her to fall flat on her face. She gets up, lips swollen and pouty. Rou Xi starts to giggle. Mingyu demands to know who is the dog’s owner to which the 10th prince claims ownership.

At this juncture, Rouxi dashes forward, swinging a finger at the dog, calling it a beast all the while looking in Minyu’s direction reprimanding, “How dare you attack someone like that. Aren’t you just la dog who threatens others because you have powerful owner (Minghui)?” Rouxi claims the responsibility and asks Mingyu not to blame the 10th prince. This causes Mingyu to step forward wanting to hit Rouxi, but the 10th mediates in the between them, ending up get hit by the two girls instead.

Upset that his face is brusied, the 10th prince makes a fuss and whines. Rouxi persuades the prince to allow her to massage the bruises out with an egg, assuring him that they will disappear in time for his birthday celebration. Afraid that her sister would find out, Rouxi asks the 10th prince not tell anyone about the incident. Peeved, he says that he is not a hero but a coward. But she manages to calm him down as she rubs his face with the egg, persuading him to command the servants not to speak of the matter.


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