Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ming Dao enlists after 12 years in university

TAIPEI: After studying at five different universities in Taiwan for a grand total of twelve years, Taiwan actor Ming Dao finally enlisted to serve his compulsory stint in the Taiwan military on Thursday, reported Taiwan media.

Ming Dao had previously been accused of deliberately delaying his enlistment by 'university hopping' - purposely failing courses, not attending classes, to drop out of one university before enrolling at another - to exploit a legal loophole that allowed people who are still studying to delay their enlistment until after they graduate.

Accompanied by his parents, 32-year-old Ming Dao, whose real name is Matthew Lin Chao Zhang, reported for duty in casual civilian clothes and sporting a buzz cut. According to Taiwan law, it is mandatory for to enlist at 33, whether they are still in school or not.

"My management agency feels that this is a good time as I have completed all the work that needs to be done for now," said Lin of his sudden decision to enlist after so many years in school. Lin said that he "does not know what to expect", but is "looking forward to it".

"Although I am one of the oldest to join the army, I am not afraid of the physical training in the military," he added. Prior to his enlistment on Thursday, Lin held the title of being the oldest university student in Taiwan's entertainment industry.

He took the title after Taiwan actor-singer Bobby Dou, who had also been a university student for 12 years, enlisted in April last year. 29-year-old Mike He and 30-year-old Joseph Cheng are in the running to become the next title holder - both actors have been in university for some eight to nine years now.



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