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Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 2 Final Part

Soon it is time for the 10th prince’s birthday, and Rouxi is racking her brains on what to wear. She wants to wear something striking and festive at the same time, and so she settles for a red outfit after trying countless of previous outfits. Happy with her choice, she runs to her sister to show off her makeup and outfit, to which Roulan smiles and praises her effort. Just as the sisters are having a good moment, Minghui arrives with her entourage.

Mingyu complains about the arrangement just as Ruo Lan is about to step forward to greet Minghui. Mingyu continues to mock the simple layout and preparation claiming that they would have made it grander. Ruolan explains that the arrangements were made according to the 8th prince’s instructions: to make it a comfortable setting for family to relax and enjoy themselves. Mingyu feigns an apology, claiming that the Gorolo sisters are straight forward people who do not know how to sugarcoat their words. Minghui rebukes Mingyu, saying she would not like to upset the 8th prince by her words.

The princes enter the courtyard, interrupting them. Everyone closes in on the princes and greets them. When the 10th prince compliments Mingyu, she is happy. The 12th prince notices Rouxi and asks, “Which fairy has descended from the heaven?” He exclaims after a moment, “So this must be the Rouxi that 10th often talks about?” Mingyu pouts when all eyes are pulled in Rouxi’s direction.

The 10th prince happily grins when all eyes are on Rouxi. At this moment the 14th prince asks the 12th prince how he knows that this is Rouxi. The 12th prince replies that the other princes all had mentioned a beautiful lady living in the 8th prince’s household, adding that anyone could see which of the women present matches fits that description.

Noticing her outfit and makeup, the 10th prince indicates his approval and Ruo Xi grins back, approving his perception. Their easy camaraderie makes the people around them assume that they have feelings for each other. He compliments the layout for his celebration and credits Ruoxi, but the 8th prince corrects him, saying it is all Ruolan’s efforts. Seeing everyone apprive the sisters, Minghui asks to be excused, claiming a slight illness. Glancing at Ruolan, the 8th prince allows his first wife to return to her room.

By this time most of the princes have arrived, except for the Crown Prince and 13th have arrived. So the princes decide to have tea while waiting for their arrival. The 10th prince loudly declares that he will drink more than the 13th prince this time/ But the 8th prince laughs, saying that he would not be able to out drink ‘Risk-taker 13th’. The 14th prince agrees, adding that even the Hades King is afraid of the risk-taking and daring prince.

Seeing the closeness of the brothers, the tragic fates (from history) of the princes in the future brings tears to Rouxi. Both the 10th and 14th prince would be confined while the 9th and 8th princes die from poison. Concerned, Qiaohui nudges her, but she changes the topic saying that she is hungry. Qiaohui smiles and offers to go and get her food. Soon she returns to Rouxi’s room with a tray of snacks.

Rouxi expresses her dissatisfaction about Mingyu, and Qiaohui explains that the Gorolo sisters’ mother is Kangxi’s cousin, while their father is a highly placed noble. In addition, Minghui being the 8th prince’s main wife, increases the nobility of Mingyu. Ruo Xi snorts, “So what. What can she do to me?” Qiaohui sighs at Ruoxi’s competitive streak, hoping that nothing else would happen since she has already been given a lesson. “Lesson?” asks Ruoxi, surprised. Qiao Hui’s eyes widen realizing her slip of tongue. Ruoxi says that she realizes that the fall was not an accident, and Qiaohui nervously laughs and turns away, saying she id not say anything.

Ruo Xi saunters out of the room, biting into her pastry, and pauses when she spots the 4th prince across the courtyard. He also notices her as he stands outside the rooms reserved for the male guests. As he continues to watch her, she becomes conscious of her movements. There is a slight almost smile in his expression when Ruoxi fidgets, shuffling her feet before giving a slight nod acknowledging the prince. She is nervous around him because she knows that he is the future king.

The 13th prince mentions that Rouxi is exceptional and uncommon, praising her beauty. The 8th prince waives off his compliment and says that the 10th prince is to out drink him. So the 13th prince proposes that everyone drink and get drunk together! An idea that is gladly received and promptly acted on. While the princes drink, Rouxi watches the the opera in boredom, while the males compete in their own drinking contest. The Crown Prince arrives and is announced.

After all the formalities, the Crown Prince declares that he has a special gift for 10th, a jade ruyi which is tribute to their father. The 10th prince is pleased, but the 4th princes steps forward, expressing his fear that their father would be upset if the ruyi is gifted in such a manner. The 9th prince glances at the 14th prince, flattering the Crown Prince saying that anyone else would be in trouble but certainly not the emperor’s beloved son. The 4th prince observes the others even as the 8th prince tries to dissuade the 10th Prince from accepting the gift. The13th prince tries to defuse the situation by suggesting that the 10th prince would certainly refuse such a gift, hinting strongly to the 10th prince that there would be grave trouble if the jade ruyi is accepted. The 4th prince explains to the 10th prince that the Crown Prince is making a joke. Certainly, the Crown Prince must have brought the ruyi to just show his brothers. He points out that one ruyi had been send to the imperial empress dowager, and one to a Royal Concubine. If the 10th prince accepts the ruyi, it will show disrespect to the elders.

Relived the 8th prince closes his eyes and the Crown Prince heaves a deep breath, realizing the mistake he almost had made. He concurs with the 4th prince, saying that it is a joke. The Crown Prince then promises to send over the real gift in a few days. The 13th prince reminds the Crown Prince that he has a new herd of horses and had mentioned gifting one of those to the 10th prince. The 8th prince changes the subject, and invites the Crown Prince to select an opera performance. The Crown Prince points out that since it is the 10th prince’s birthday, he should be the one making the selection. The 10th replies that he had already chosen one. The Crown Prince declares that that is what he wants to listen to as well. The 13th prince suggests that the 10th prince offers the Crown Prince wine. So the 10th prince says that since the Crown Prince arrived late, he should have 3 cups as a punishment.

As he is unable to hold his alcholol well, the 10th prince soon excuses himself, saying that he needs to take a break. Rouxi perks up when he makes his exit and hurriedly, beckoning Qiaohui to ask if the arrangements have been completed. Once confirmed, Rouxi goes after him. She finds him bent over throwing up. Patting his back she hands him her handkerchief, and the 10th prince looks around asking. “Did anyone see?” Ruoxi frowns and chides the prince about being worried about his status when he is in such a state. He wonders if Ruoxi is there to watch him be embarrassed for being such a poor drinker. But she declares that she wants to treat him a little better for his birthday, having prepared a present for him. Delighted, the 10th prince readily closes his eyes when she instructs him to, following her as she leads him to a specially prepared pavilion. Calling him ‘Little Red Hood’, she holds his sleeve and asks him to follow granny.

He nervously demands that she serve him for the rest of his life if there are any accidents.They walk slowly, with the 10th prince closing his eyes and Ruoxi laughing beside him. Qiaohui sees Ruoxi and gives a nod before scurrying off. “Open your eyes now!”, announces Rouxi. When the prince opens his eyes, he is greeted by string after string of multicolored paper cranes dancing between rows of colorful paper lanterns, merrily swaying in the wind. The 10th prince exclaims delightedly and hurries forward, twirling the paper cranes and asks what they are. Ruoxi replies 1000 cranes. All personally folded by Ruoxi herself! He dashes back and forth, bouncing the cranes when he hears Ruoxi singing behind him. She sings him the modern version of "Happy Birthday", and he is delighted and amazed, not having heard the songs before.


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