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Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 3 Part I

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) > Episode 3 Part I

Entrance by the “Happy Birthday” song, the 10th prince asks what is the song, and Rouxi explains to him that is is a song for birthdays and that it is the Maertai stlye. He asks her to sing the song for him again. Unbeknownst to them, the 13th and 14th princes step into the pavilion. The 14th princes asks when would he get to hear Rouxi sing the song for him. The 14th prince grins at the 10th prince stating that he now knows why the 10th prince was missing, enjoying his own little ‘celebration’ at the pavilion.

Embarrassed, the 10th prince tries to defend himself, saying that he wanted to take a break from the drinking as it was getting too much for him, so he visit the pavilion with Rouxi. But the 14th prince retorts cheekily that it was not the wine but an overdose of happiness that was too much for him. The 10th prince glances nervously at Rouxi before glaring at his brother.

At his glare, the 13th and 14th princes look at each other and proclaim cheekily, “The 10th prince is anxious. He’s not happy already”. With that the 13th prince suggests that they shall not disturb them anymore and enjoy the scenery around them instead. But Rouxi quickly excuses herself and scurries away. The 13th prince holds the 10th prince back when the latter attempts to stop Rouxi, urging his brother not to be anxious.

Rouxi, although managing to get away from the awkward situation, encounters Mingyu who blocks her way. Mingyu accuses Rouxi of not looking where she walks. Wanting to avoid a confrontation on the 10th prince’s birthday, Rouxi glares at Mingyu but restraints herself and moves in the other direction. However, Mingyu makes things difficult for her and steps in front of her again, blocking her path. Mingyu remarks that Rouxi’s action is rude and does not reflect well on her parent’s. Offended, Rouxi retorts that the pot is calling the kettle black.

Indignant, Mingyu snaps, “ You are you and I am myself. At least I have parents to bring be up properly, unlike you. There’s nothing to even compare!” Holding in her temper, Rouxi makes another attempt to walk away, but Mingyu blocks her path again. Frustrated, Rouxi confronts Mingyu and asks her what exactly does she want. Mingyu retorts that she is just like her sister, both are ignorant ad common as livestock. This comment pushes Rouxi to hold in her resolve to retaliate, she asks Mingyu where did Mingyu get this from. But Mingyu just shrugs it off and just states that both sisters are the same, that they are women of low-class going around seducing men.

Enraged, Rouxi slaps Mingyu. Both parties are shocked, but before Rouxi can react, Mingyu lunges forward and tries to slap her back but it fails as Rouxi easier dodges the “attack”. And soon, both girls end up in a cat-fight which causes a commotion loud enough to halt the celebration activites. Both girls are so into the fight that they are oblivious to their surroundings. Rouxi ends up giving Mingyu a head-butt, which lands the two of them into the pond. All the princes call out Rouxi’s name and show more concern for her than Mingyu.

With the girls struggling in the pond, the 13th and 14th prince jump into the pond to rescue the girls. As soon as they are on dry ground, Rouxi is in a better condition than Mingyu. When Roulan tries to show her concern, Mingyu pushes her away causing her to fall and starts to cry. Seeing her sister on the ground, Rouxi lunges forward but is soon stopped by the 10th prince and her sister, who orders her to stand back.

Mingyu tries to complain to the 8th prince, but he silences her sternly. Annoyed, Mingyu starts to cry uncontrollably while the on looking crowd are at a loss at how to stop her from wailing. Still caught up in her anger, Rouxi flashes her anger at Mingyu by approaching Mingyu and commands the wailing girl to shut up, but she wails even louder. Incensed, Rouxi points a finger in Mingyu’s direction and should in an even louder voice than before, her fiercenss stuns Mingyu into silence. The onlookers are equally stunned and at a loss on how to break the heavy atmosphere. But a few seconds later, the tension is broken but the Crown Prince who laughs and exclaims that Rouxi is the female version of the 13th prince, daring and straight forward. With that the tension is broken and everyone starts to laugh. The Crown Prince disperses the crowd and tells everyone to continue on with the celebrations.

 Realizing the mess that she has gotten herself into, Rouxi hangs her head in shame and looks nervously at her sister, who exudes anger. Rouxi reaches out for Roulan’s hand and attempts to apologize, but she is snubbed.


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