Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 3 Part II

Rouxi shivers under the blanket once she is back in her room. When the maids serve her ginger soup to keep her warm, she asks if her sister came by and if she said anything. The maids shake their heads and Rouxi asks if she was frightening in the afternoon. Quihui affirms that thought and Rouxi says that Roulan must be really angry, but her anger should dissipate with time.

The next day when Rouxi is on her way to visit Roulan, all the servants that she encounters shun her and move away quickly after greeting her. Rouxi attempts to appease her sister fails as Roulan ignores Rouxi's attempts, frustrating Rouxi.

Rouxi hides in a corner of the garden, pluckinh petals off a flower in frustration when the 10th and 14th princes find her. The 14th prince asks her about her expressions and she replies,  “The look of a container that has been broken.” Both princes are amused and the 10th prince states that he thought Ruoxi has always been fierce towards him, but now he realises that she is actually quite good to him, earning him a thrown flower from a peeved Rouxi.

The 14th prince adds on sighing that he thought that Rouxi was an elegant lady when he first saw her, but it is a pity. Rouxi wonders what the 14th prince means and looks in his direction. He explains that her fame since yesterday's incident at the 10th prince celebration has earned her the nickname ‘Daredevil 13th Sister’.

Ruoxi sighs as she realises that bad news spreads like wildfire, while good news hardly have the same effect. The 14th prince continues and says that the 13th prince has been dragged into this incident as well. The other princes and nobles of the court tease the 13th prince about the origins of his new 13th sister.

Just as Rouxi is starting to get nervous and worried about the implications of her actions, a servants run up to her and informs her that the 8th prince wants to see her. Seeing her worried face, both princes promise her that they will put in a good word for her and ask for leniency if necessary. Their gesture lightens her mood a little.

Rouxi reaches the 8th prince's study and stands in front of the 8th prince’s table while he discusses that day’s court with the10th and 14th princes. He seems to be ignoring Ruoxi, concentrating on the incident in court.

After standing for a considerable amount of time, Ruoxi's legs start to ache and she wobbles on her feet, first standing on one foot while supporting with the front of her heeled shoe; switching over as her legs get tired. While the 10th prince keeps glancing at Ruoxi, the 14th prince calmly engages the 8th prince. A servant soon enters to announce dinner time, and the 8th prince invites his two brothers to stay for dinner.

As they walk towards the entrance, the 8th prince asks his brothers to go ahead first. The 10th prince is anxious and suggests leaving together, but finally relents and leaves Ruoxi with his older brother. Biting her lip, Ruoxi looks down at the ground as the 8th prince approaches her. He asks her to lift her head and looks her in the eyes. Ruoxi gazes back and startled by his expression, she takes a step back. 8th laughs and asks “Where has that day’s chilli-hot daring gone to?” and walks away.

His actions confuse Rouxi. The 8th prince looks back and asks if she still wants to continue standing. He than instructs that Rouxi be sent back to Rou;an's quarters. So Rouxi hobbles back to her sister's place, not sure if this is the end of the matter or if it is just a hiatus before he will deal with her.

On the way to Roulan's place, Ruoxi sees the 10th and 14th princes again. The 10th prince asks how she is and she tricks him with a sad face. He is about to confront the 8th prince when she pulls back and starts to chuckle together with the 14th prince who realized she was tricking the 10th prince. 

Realizing what is going on, the 10th prince pouts at the two of them, scolding Ruoxi and emphasizing that his worry apparently without cause. They apologise to the 10th prince, and Ruoxi shows that she  is a little miffed at the 14th prince for not putting in a word like he had promised earlier. However, the 14th prince explains that his older brother is well known for his courtesy to everyone. If the 8th prince had been polite to Rouxi, treating her as if nothing had happened, then he would have a reason to try and find a way to ask for leniency on her behalf. But seeing that she was ignored and made to stand for such a long time,  he realized that there was no need for him to help. 

The 10th prince thinks for a moment and agrees, chiding the 14th prince for not explaining earlier. While the 14th prince grins and says that he wanted to see Rouxi and the 10th prince reactions.  wants The 10th prince warns the 14th prince that he will get him back, and the 14th prince just laughs and tells the 10th prince that since he has seen Ruoxi all fine and well, it is time for them to head to their dinner appointment with the 8th prince. 

Before Ruoxi urges them to go for the dinner, she asks how the Gorolo family reacted to the incident. The 14th prince assures Ruoxi that the 8th prince will take care of it, adding that she should get a servant to massage her legs. So as the prince head to their dinner, Rouxi hobbles over to her sister's place. 

Upon seeing Rouxi, Roulan orders that dinner be served, but a servant arrives with food from the 8th prince for Rouxi. Rouxi asks Qiaohui if her sister is still angry with her and she get a nod. Wanting to appease her sister, Rouxi attempts to get the 8th prince help, but he replies that he cannot help her in this matter. Only the person who made the knot, can undo the knot.


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