Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) Episode 3 Part III

Ruoxi hesitates at the doorway into Roulan's quarters, but musters her courage and enters calling out to her sister, only to get ignored. Despite the cold shoulder that Roulan is giving her, Rouxi tries to get her sister's attention by approaching her sister saying, "Mother passed away when I was born and ever since I was a child, father has labelled me a troublemaker. The other brothers and sisters, although we have the same father and they treat me well, our mothers are different. Only you share the same mother as me. As my older sister, you have always been there for me and have never forsaken me showing me concern, love and patience. I know you care for me and I made a mistake. Please hit me or scold me, just don't ignore me because I only have you."

Touched by what her younger sister has said, Roulan relents and the two girls make up. She reminds Rouxi that although she is forgiven, she has to change her fiery temper and avoid such incidents that could cost her her life. Rouxi admits her mistake and the sisters end on a happy note.

Not long after, Rouxi is seen happily climbing a ladder eagerly wanting to hang a lantern, with the servants all urging her to come down to avoid injuring herself. She manages to successfully hang the lantern and climb down the ladder, but not without Roulan chiding her that it was not long ago that Rouxi said she has learnt her lesson but here she is up to her usual antics again!

Ruolan worries about how Ruxi will act when she enters the palace. To which Ruoxi exclaims in surprise, asking if it is time for the royal inspections already. To her relief, it turns out that the Emperor is hosting a Mid Autumn gathering, all the princes and family have been invited and the 8th prince has been asked to bring Ruoxi. Rouxi realizes that her incident has really made her famous and tries to talk her way out of attending the event to no avail, it is an imperial order to which she must comply.

Left with no choice, Rouxi concedes defeat and takes etiquette lessons from Roulan in hopes of not embarrassing herself. So she ends up reciting all the rules and balancing a cup on her head, with Ruolan watching her nervously and Qiaohui smiling at Rouxi's attempts to stay balanced. Tired and worn out, Rouxi begs for a break and instantly plops into a chair in an unflattering pose while Roulan gives her a disapproving look... and her lessons continue.

It is soon time for the gathering and in the palace, when the Emperor is announced everyone kneels. Kangxi looks over the heads and says that the Mid-autumn is a good time to celebrate with family. He asks them to enjoy and be at ease. Rouxi secretly raises her head to take a peek at the court before hastily looking down once more.

Suddenly, Kang Xi points in Rouxi's direction and shouts, "You!" Instantly all the princes in front of her turn back and step aside, leaving Rou Xi stands in the half circle. Startled, Rouxi is dumbfounded until Roulan prompts her to step forward and greet the emperor.

The emperor asks if she is the girl that is knoen as 'Daredevil 13th Sister' Maertai Rouxi to which she answers. He asks given her nickname why is it that she is nervous to meet him. Rouxi answers that she is too awed by his majestic presence, but he asks her if it is because she fears the power he wields. It is a tense moment but Rouxi manages to answer and diffuse the tense atmosphere, even making the emperor laugh (much to Ming Yu's chagrin).

Kangxi smiles and says that he has grown accustomed to being compared to the Yao, Shun, Yu, and Tang rulers and finds Ruoxi’s words refreshing. He leans forward, examining her and says that she is not only someone who takes risks but also someone who has experience and commands her to be rewarded.

The imperial family soon gathers on the patio, with the princes on the upper tier while the wives sit below them. Kangxi tells his sons that his empire is like a family. Without family, there will be no empire. If there is unrest in the imperial family, this will lead to a unstable country. He asks his sons to remember to value the relationships between the officials and the brothers.


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