Thursday, October 04, 2012

May Queen Episode 4


The children were frantically throwing water out of the boat, except for In Hwa who was overly concerned over her dress. Meanwhile, Hae Joo dad came back to the yacht after fetching the component and was shocked to see the boat missing. Puzzled over who drove the yacht, his co worker brushes off that perhaps somebody drove the yacht and Hae Joo may had went home already. Unknown to him, the children were struggling to keep the yacht from sinking. Hae Joo suggested using the radio system in the yacht to communicate, unfortunately it was not working. Hae Joo dad went home to look for her but could not find her, he became worried. On the other hand, In Hwa was missing too.

Things turned for the worse at the boat, they were wearing life jackets and In Hwa complained that she does not know how to life jacket. In an attempt to save Chang Hee from the tools tumbling down from the top, Kang San was injured on the leg. Having no other choice, they jumped out of the boat and watched as the boat sunk into the water. It was late at night, Hae Joo dad went back to the shipyard to look for Hae Joo, instead he found her bag. It was known that all the children had board the boat and soon the shipyard was filled with agony cries of the victims families. In the ocean, Chang Hee asked Hae Joo, "are you scared?" Hae Joo replied,"I am scared, but we still need to survive." Whereas, In Hwa kept whining that they will die.

Coast guards was called in assist in the rescued, while the children stayed floated in the ocean hanging on to their dear life. Kang San grandfather (shipbuilding owner) came to investigate and gathered all resources to carry out the rescue operation. The children tried to waved at the rescue ship when Hae Joo discovered the lights shinning on the surface of the water, however nobody saw them. It started to rained and it was getter colder in the water, In Hwa was still whining to everyone. They continued to stayed in the water until the next day morning. Kang San felt dizzy because of the injuries at his leg and was exhausted. There was a false alarm when In Hwa thought that a sharking is coming, instead they saw a whale.

In Hwa drank the ocean water and passed out, Chang Hee and Hae Joo rescued her and place her on top of the square raft. After that, Hae Joo fainted and Chang Hee came to her rescue. Thus, they were separated from In Hwa and Kang San. The recuse team found part of the yacht that had submerged into the water. All their hope had diminished at the sight of the broken parts. Soon, their hope was lifted up again when they heard that two children were found in the ocean. To the dismay of the presidents, it was Hae Joo and Chang Hee. In order to find out the location of the other missing children, they were refrained from turning the boat back and send the children to the hospital. Hae Joo dad almost blurted out that Hae Joo was his missing daughter but was stopped by Butler Park just in time. Just then, Hae Joo woke up and suggested that In Hwa may be swept to the south-eastern side of the harbor due to the high tide. True enough, they found In Hwa and kang San and they were immediately rushed to the hospital. However, both presidents will not let the matter rest until they found out who was the one that drove the boat.

Kang San grandfather overheard that Hae Joo was the driver of the boat and was extremely angry with them. Both Hae Joo and Her dad had a heartwarming conversation and Hae Joo mentioned that she wants to make money to buy a yacht for her dad in the future and she was sorry for driving the boat to the ocean. On the other hand, Chang Hee also had some touching moment with his dad at his ward.

Next, we saw an attractive lady at the airport and a pervert following close behind her, She hit the prevent publicly and was questioned by the police. It was revealed later that she is Dr Lee Bong Hee, Jeong Woo friend and a PHD in petrochemical. She was an interesting character as we found out that she practically tasted the crude oil to find out the elements contained in the oil instead of going to the laboratory.

At the Pear Ochard, the soil was polluted and Jung Woo heard that the pear orchard owner intended to sell the land. In the hospital ward, Kang San just had a leg surgery and had woke up. He asked about Chang Hee and Hae Joo and his grandfather assured him that they were fine. Hae Joo was discharged from the hospital and she requested to visit In Hwa. Hae Joo went to In Hwa mum and confessed that she drove the yacht. In Hwa Mum slapped her on face and scolded her. Hae Joo dad saw everything and was heart broken.

Chang Hee went to visit Kang San and thank him for saving him at the boat. They became friends and Chang Hee mentioned that he is unlike Il Moon and Kang San teased him for being blind all the while. Chang Hee looked for Hae Joo and noticed her face was slightly red and swollen. He immediately knew that In Hwa mum slapped her and he intend to help her clarify the matter. Hae Joo gently brush off the matter as she mentioned that they were pitiful and it doesn't matter that she was wronged.

Back at home, Hae Joo was asked to rest at her elder brother Park Tae room. She overheard the conversion between her parents and was hurt to know that she was not her mother daughter. Hae Joo asked her dad, "who is my real mother?"


I know that the children will survive this ordeal, but i am more interested to know about the changes which will mold the characters through this accident. I am glad that Chang Hee and Kang San became friends after Kang San saved his life. In Hwa was still so irritating with all the whining and complaining. She was the main cause of this huge mess and she keep making lots of noises, really a turn off character for me. Kudos to the child actors and actresses, they were making the drama so touching and engaging right from the start.

I was moved by child actress who played Hae Joo character. Especially the last scene when Hae Joo overheard her parents conversation. The heart breaking moment when she asked her dad, "who is my real mother?" I wondered how her dad will respond to her. I had a feeling that Hae Joo character is like an ugly duckling that will eventually become a beautiful swan. 


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