Tuesday, September 18, 2012

May Queen Episode 2


Hae Joo and In Hwa accidentally dropped the antique vase on the floor and In Hwa Mum came running out to inspect what happened. In Hwa cried immediately and said she did not break the vase. Hae Joo was panicky and began to picked up all the broken glasses on the floor. A displeased Geum Hee glared at Hae Joo who she recognized was the child what hit In Hwa. Hae Joo immediately denied that she broke the vase but Guem Hee refused to believe her. In Hwa cried out that her knee was bleeding from the cut, Guem Hee immediately attended to her. It was much later did she realized that Hae Joo was bleeding profusely at the knee.

On the other hand, Butler Gi Cheol was observing the happenings at the doorstep. A moment later, Do Hyeong came home and ordered him a task about the pear orchard. Hae Joo was invited to stay for dinner and she was overwhelmed by so many delicacies on the table and she can't decide which to eat first. She politely asked to bring back some foods for her family.

After meal, In Hwa took Hae Joo to collect the empty bottles and demanded Hae Joo to apologize to her about the incident in school. Hae Joo argued her points and eventually relented and apologized to In Hwa. It was late at night, Hae Joo father was waiting for her and was surprised to see her injuries. He felt sorry for her daughter and insisted to piggy-back her all the way home. The moment they stepped into the house, Hae Joo stepmother reprimanded her for coming back so late and her children were hungry because of her. Hae Joo apologized and immediately does the house chores and take care of her step sister Yong Joo. Butler Gi Cheol tracked their house and commanded him to move out of Ulsan because his boss does not like Hae Joo coming to his house. Feeling puzzled, he asked Hae Joo about her experience at the house and it was different from what Butler Gi Cheol said.

A boss intended to complete with Do Hyeong about the pear orcard. However, Do Hyeong made known his ambitions. Back at the office the boss met up with Hak So younger brother Jeong Woo and he wanted him to work for him but was rejected. Chang Hee won a trophy for the math exam and on his way home, Hae Joo bumped onto him and his trophy was broken. Hae Joo immediately offered to repair the bicycle and the trophy for him. She went to her father workplace and met Kang San. They worked together to repair the bicycle and the trophy. Both Chang Hee and Kang San were amazed by her bravery and skills.

Hae Joo was running late to cook for her siblings and Chang Hee offered a ride on his bicycle. They reached a bumpy road and Hae Joo tighten her grip on Chang Hee wrist. The next scene spells trouble for Chang Hee as he was praised by the teacher for being the first in class. Il Moon who was the second place was felt bitter about it. At home, Do Hyeong was disappointed that he lost to Chang Hee again. When Moon II saw Chang Hee presented the report card to his father and how pleased he is, he was jealous and angry. To vent his frustration, he provoked him by ordering Butler Gi Cheol to bring him water repeatedly and even poured water on Chang Hee report card. After that he even insulted both the father and son to a point where Chang Hee couldn't take it anymore and fought back. Butler Gi Cheol immediately apologized to Il Moon but he is going to make things difficult for them. Feeling superior, he let them off and headed his way.

Hae Joo met Jeong Woo at the pear orchard while she was picking some herbs. He sat down for a meal with Hae Joo family after gathering information about the land. Shortly after the meal, the debt collector came and demanded for payment from Hae Joo dad. Both father and daughter tried to protect each other and the debt collectors gave in and order them to pay back the next time they meet.

In Hwa called Kang San and invited him for a meal at home, however, Kang San was not interested at all. Hae Joo bake some potatoes for her dad to console him and he suggested that they go for a boat ride since he was once a sailor. Both father and daughter spend precious moment with each other. Kang San came to the shipbuilding worksite to look for Hae Joo and she was annoyed with him for speaking bad about her father. In Hwa came to look for Kang San and he insisted that Hae Joo joins in for the meal. At In Hwa house, Il Moon showed disrespect for Bulter Gi Geum and his son Chang Hee. Hae Joo spoke out in defence of them and Il Moon splashed water on her face.


I had mentioned before that the child actors and actresses were excellent and they continued to amazed me in this episode. Hae Joo character is strong and brave. She knows what is right and what is wrong. Despite, In Hwa trying to force her to apologized, she state it clearly that it is not her fault and she would apologize sincerely when she is in the wrong. I was also deeply moved by the father and daughter relationship shared by them.
It is very clear that Chang Hee and Kang San liked Hae Joo. Despite Chang Hee cool image, he actually yearns for the praises and approval of his father just like every kids. I think he does felt inferior because of his father working as a servant of the house. On the other hand, Il Moon was irritating enough to identify him as the bad guy in the drama even when he grows up. He was jealous of Chang Hee and will definately make things difficult for them. I also felt that In Hwa been given cold shouldered by Kang San was gratifying. Kang San is an interesting character in the show. I look forward to his character development.  In Hwa gets on my nerve, acting like a princess that whines and cries at the slightlest things. There is also the addition of another character which is Jeong woo, Hae Joo real uncle. Looks interesting.

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