Friday, September 28, 2012

May Queen Episode 3


Il Moon called Hae Joo a beggar and Kang San overturned the table and defended her. Hae Joo responded by saying, " Are you crazy too, why did you do that to the foods!" Unable to tolerate any further, Chang Hee walked away and Kang San ran after him and reprimanded him for keeping quiet when his dad was insulted. However, Chang Hee mentioned that they are from different world and told him not to pretend that he knows everything. Hae Joo brought some food home for her family when she heard that Young Joo had went missing. She was surprised and worried about Young Joo when her stepmother went to her and gave her a tight slap on the face and blamed her for causing Young Joo to went missing. Shortly after, Young Joo appeared and apparently she had slept in a shed without anybody noticing.

Hae Joo was hurt and ran away by herself to her favorite place where she can see the boats at the shipyard. She met Chang Hee who happened to be there and he thanked her for standing up for his dad. They talked about their passion for boats and Chang Hee revealed that he wanted to own the shipyard one day and Hae Joo is content with one boat.

Butler Park came to look for Hae Joo dad and warned them to leave at once or else they will die. They had an argument and Hae Joo dad left. He pondered about the conversations earlier and seemed to figured out something. He suspected that Hae Joo was the missing baby that was lost years ago. Meanwhile, Butler Park continued to carry out the mission to acquire the pear orchard and sign contract with the residents in that area.

Hae Joo dad went to looked for her at the usual place and Hae Joo was waiting for him to go back home together. Hae Joo dad protected Hae Joo and quarreled with his wife. Hae Joo cried secretly when cooking dinner and Hae Joo dad had a talk with her.

Chang Hee could no longer endured the ridiculed that they were going through and suggested to his father to leave the house together but he refused and told Chang Hee to endure for his future. Upset by the response, Chang Hee ran out of the house and looked upon the president house which had lots of laughter.Hae Joo Dad looked for Butler Park at the president house and demand to know the truth about Hae Joo. They had a confrontation and Butler Park said," If you know the truth, both of us will die." Hae Joo dad went back and met Hae Joo on the way. Hae Joo had caught some mug-fish for the family.

Not content with two bowls of mug-fish soup, Hae Joo brother (Sang Tae) took Hae Joo share. She was chilled by her stepmother for not using her skill of catching mug-fish and sell them in the market to earn some money. Hae Joo dad felt sorry for Hae Joo and felt that she should not be suffering for the family.

Hae Joo was working hard to catch mug fish and pull out weeds (herbs) to sell in the market. Kang San assisted her by helping her to sell all mug-fish at the market. Hae Joo was surprised with his ability to sell the mug-fishes. In exchange for his help, Hae Joo was asked to teach Kang San welding. Hae Joo saw through the fact that Kang San is afraid of fire and she called him a liar for trying to pretend to be an expert and demanded Kang San to call her master.

Butler Park was surprised that the owner of the pear orchard refused to sign the agreement to give up the land. Thanks to Jung Woo who informed the owner about the value of the land. He advised Butler Park not to work under the president anymore. Unable to complete the task, Butler Park was beaten by the president as a punishment. Chang Hee saw everything but was unable to help his father until the president went back to the house.

President Do Hyeong took measures to ensure that he will acquire the pear orchard. President Chung (his business rival) engaged the help of Jung Woo with an agreement to pay the orchard owner twice the amount. Hae Joo and Kang San went to the shipyard repair industry to practice welding and Kang San noticed the burn mark on the back of her neck. President Do Hyeong wife was reminded of the incident when she saw the burn mark at Chang Hee back. In Hwa went to look for Kang San at the industry and asked him to go to the opera which he declined.

Chang Hee came to look for In Hwa as requested by the madam, but In Hwa refused. In the end, all of them board the boat owned by In Hwa Dad (President Do Hyeong). Kang San saw the key left at the boat and In Hwa suggested to start the boat. Before they could react, the boat was already moving and Hae Joo took over the driving. Excited over the boat ride, Kang San requested to drive the boat further, but Hae Joo and Chang Hee felt that it is safer to drive back. In Hwa supported Kang San and they were left with no choice but to go ahead with his plan. Unknown to everyone, the boat that they drove was actually a damaged boat. It was the same boat which President Do Hyeong traveled while visiting the shipyard and Hae Joo dad was supposed to repair it.

Halfway through the journey, In Hwa wanted to take over Hae Joo role as the driver after Kang San complimented her. Unfortunately, the engine broke down and they were stuck in the middle of the ocean and they were desperate for help. To make matter worse, the boat was flooded with water. They tried to throw the water out of the boat, except for In Hwa who is only worried about her dress.


I felt sorry for Hae Joo as she suffered so much for the family in returned, she was treated like a dirt by her family members except for her dad. I felt heart pain for Hae Joo when she was slapped on the cheek by her stepmother when she did nothing wrong. I also like Hae Joo strong and cheerful character. The father and daughter relationship and bonding was strong and i believed that Hae Joo father felt guilty for her sufferings.

Chang Hee was also suffering as he saw how his dad was bullied in that household and i believed he will take revenge on the family when he grows up. As usual, In Hwa and Moon II gets on my nerve acting like spoilt chidlren. If all the rich kids will end up like this, i would rather they suffer some hardship then letting them do whatever they want. To think that In Hwa only thought about her dress when their life is in danger, that was ridiculous.

I can predict that Chang Hee and his father will plot revenge when he grows up and Kang San fight with Chang Hee for Hae Joo affections. There was some questions to be answered in the later episodes.

  • What happened to the children?
  • What will Hae Joo dad do after he found out the truth, is he going to reveal it or his life will be in danger?
  • How is Jung Woo going to protect the pear orchard from evil hands?
  • What is president Do Hyeong going to do with the pear orchard?


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