Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leesang Announces Return to Running Man and Infinity Challange

Jungle Entertainment has told allkpop that Leessang members Gary and Gil have decided to end their hiatus from variety shows.

Gary and Gil announced earlier this week that they would be leaving SBS’ ‘Running Man‘ and MBC‘s ’Infinity Challenge‘, respectively, after the cancellation of the ‘Super 7‘ concert.

Leessang released the following statement:

“Hello, all. This is Leessang. Firstly, we sincerely thank all of you who have made us more mature through your encouragement and scolding. We found it too difficult to withstand the names ‘Leessang’, which we’ve worked hard on for the past 10 years, and ‘Leessang Company’, which we’ve started with hopeful ambition, being [put in a negative light], and so we decided to leave the variety industry in order to focus more on our music and concerts. However, because of us, many people were getting hurt, and more than that, we didn’t want to burden our members, who’ve always been loyal and stayed beside us; though we’re ashamed and sorry, we’ll be returning to the programs. We’ll give more music, concerts, and laughs to everyone with a better attitude. Rather than asking you to trust us, we’ll work our hardest so you can. We’ll pay you back. -posted by Leessang (Gary & Gil).”

Gil will be participating in this week’s filming of ‘Infinity Challenge’ on September 29, while Gary will be present for the October 1st

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Personal Comment

I am glad that Gary decided to stay in Running Man and Gil remains in Infinity Challenge. I personally like Gary in Running Man. It will just not be the same without Kang Garie. He brings so much joy and entertainment in Running Man. His character as peaceful Gary, Running Man Underdog and ex-Monday boyfriend was impressionable.

Like all Running Man fans, i was worried that Gary will give up Running Man. Fortunately, he decided to stay and i am seriously overjoy when I read the latest news about LeeSang.

I only know about Gary and Leesang through Running Man and since then, i started to notice this R&B Hip hop duo ever since. I love their song - The girl that can't break up, the boy that can't leave. I knew about this popular song much earlier, but i only started to notice LeeSang after watching Running Man.

Anyway, hope they will continue to work hard in Music and Variety Show which make them extremely popular. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate and enjoy their performance in all areas.


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