Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May Queen Episode 7


Hong Chul intended to reveal who is her biological mother, when Geum Hee stepped into the room. He started acting strangely, however, no words come out of his mouth to the alarm of Hae Joo. Hong Chul took his last breath, closed his eyes and passed away. Chang Hee, In Hwa and Butler Park stood outside the room as they heard the loud wailing of Hae Joo in the room. Everyone was shocked, especially Butler Park who stood trembling in fear, guilty of casing Hong Chul death.

Butler Park arranged the funeral for Hong Chul, on the other hand, Chang Hee and In Hwa were consoling Hae Joo who blamed herself for her father death. Butler Park went back to report to President Jang about Hong Chul death when they were informed about the pear incident where his men were arrested for poisoning the land.

Butler Park try his best to find the yellow sweater before, Hae Joo and her family come back. He found a piece of paper, that has a phone number and a bank account number. Upon hearing Hae Joo and her family return, he regained his composure and stepped out of the house calmly. Sang Tae noticed Butler Park secretly exit from their house and questioned his motive for sneaking in without permission. Butler Park tossed out the excuse that he is sorting out Hong Chul belongings.

Soon, the police came knocking on their door and they asked Hae Joo to recall the accident in search of the culprit. In the process, Hae Joo revealed that her father death was indirectly caused by her. Angered by the fact that she caused the tragedy, Hae Joo stepmother ordered her to get out of the house. However, Sang Tae defended her and stated that they should blame the culprit who ran father over. Nonetheless, Hae Joo was thrown out of the house by her stepmother as she stood in the rain begging for forgiveness.

Chang Hee and Kang San carried Hae Joo to her stepmother house and informed them that she had fallen sick. Hae Joo was allowed to stay in the house, Kang San reprimanded Sang Tae for not standing up for Hae Joo and he said that he dare not do so, therefore, he asked for their help. On the other hand, Butler Park refrained Chang Hee from coming to the house.

It was late at night, Hae Joo dreamed of her father talking to her. She woke up and ate the bowl of porridge that her stepmother had prepared for her. On the other side of the room, her stepmother was in labor pain. Sang Tae was sent to look for the granny but he was obstructed by a dog. Hae Joo helped to delivered her baby sister and promised her mother to take good care of the baby.

Displeased by the slow progress of acquiring the pear orchard, President Jang intend to use underhand methods to achieve his goal. Butler Park exclaimed that the yellow sweater was thrown away by his family and President Jang accepted that reasoning.

President Kang shipping company was investigated due to the false information send out by President Jang. Angered by the set up, President Kang looked for President Jang and was humiliated by the latter. All these scene was witnessed by Kang San who listened to the conversations.

Chang Hee came to visit Hae Joo and was informed by Sang Tae that the town is going to torn down. Jeong Woo and Bong Hee protested against the acquisition of the land. Hae Joo joined in, but they were soon taken away which spark the protest from the whole village. Butler Park intervened and Chang Hee went to his father. Hae Joo overheard their conversation and was upset that Butler Park forbid Chang Hee from seeing her.

Bong Hee went to looked for President Jang to clarified the issue. She was surprised to know that President Jang intend to build a ship plant and make drilling ships in search of oil. He mentioned that the late Hak Soo also believed that there is oil in that area. Bong Hee disagreed with his reasoning. On the other side, Jeong Woo looked for Geum Hee and told her about this matter.

Hae Joo cooked seaweed soup for her mother after she sold the dress that Geum Hee gave her. She promised to try her best to look for job to support the family. When President Jang came home, Il moon said to him that it was so long since they visited mother grave. However, President Jang gave a stern expression and warned him not to mention this in front of In Hwa and to only acknowledge Geum Hee as his mother.

Geum Hee was displeased with President Jang for stepping into the Pear Orchard. In order to calm her down, he pretended to give a phone call and gave the instructions to compensate the villagers. In the middle of the night, Hae Joo woke and saw the boots which her father left behind. Jeong Woo came to look for her and was worried that she is staying outside alone. Therefore, he invited her to come to his house and warmly welcomed her. She found a letter on the floor which was addressed to 'Yoo Jin'. She requested to read the content of the letter and was deeply moved by the love of the father to his daughter Yoo Jin.

Bong Hee announce to Jeong Woo about the compensation to the villagers. Hae Joo and her mother were excited about the news only to be disappointed that they cannot receive the compensation because they only lived there for a month. Jeong Woo was surprised that his house was torn down and he was arrested for instigating violence and obstruction of law. Bong Hee was told to look after Hae Joo and her family.

It was raining heavily, Hae Joo and family were force to move out of the house. They sought shelter from the rain when they started to feel hungry. Hae Joo cooked some porridge but they needed more firewood and Hae Joo volunteer to look for some. While she was about to set off, Sang Tae sneak some porridge into his mouth but it was too hot and he spilt it out and in the process knocked over the pot of porridge. Everybody started crying as Hae Joo struggled to hold back her tears.


I was sad to know that Hong Chul died in this drama. However, that was not a surprise at all as it was all part of the plot to get everything going. I was also disgusted with President Park for being a hypocrite infornt of Geum Hee. The secret regarding In Hwa and Il Moon biological mother was a mystery and got me interested in finding out based on President Jang expressions when Il Moon mentioned about his mother grave. 

Hae Joo stepmother revealed a bit of care towards Hae Joo in this episode. Indeed, she was frustrated and angry over the fact that she caused Hong Chul death indirectly but in the end, she still accepted her into the house again. I believe partially that she knows that she needed Hae Joo even more after her husband death. Since she need to take care of Young Joo, Sang Tae and the unborn child, they need to rely on Hae Joo.

There were many crying scenes in this episode and child actress ( Kim You Jung) who played Hae Joo did very well. She was able to protray the emotions in different situations and it shows how talented she is. The other thing i would like to mentioned is Sang Tae. I was a little surprised that he would defend Hae Joo when she was asked to leave. I would like to believe that he cared for Hae Joo but i think the main reason is that he need to rely on her so she cannot leave. It was so funny that he engaged the help of Chang Hee and Kang San as he dare not speak up against his mother.

The letter that Hae Joo found in Jeong Woo house was meant to be hers. It was so sad that she did not know about her background. The content of the letter is related to the title of this drama 'May Queen'. So smart of the scriptwriter to link it to the title.


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