Tuesday, November 13, 2012

May Queen Episode 9


Hae Joo jumped down from the cliff and landed deep into the ocean. While concussions in the water, she remembered what her dad told her and clinched on the the last hope to survive. She opened her eyes and struggled to swim up to the surface of the water. 15 years later, Hae Joo has grown up and work in a ship building factory, giving her opportunity to show her talent in welding. Now, she was spotted ridding a motorbike and goes to the market to get some fishes and crabs for her family. It turns out that she is still living with her stepmother family. Her siblings have grown up and San Tae remain as a good-for-nothing guy that lazed around at home.

When Hae Joo discovered that her stepmother had brought a car for her brother, she was frustrated as she see that San Tae does not need to purchase a car as a salesman. Hae Joo was even more angry when she find out that her brother was being deceived and cheated of the money with the 'new' car. Just when she is about to blow her top, her mobile phone rung and she stepped aside to answer the phone. She was glad to be informed to go for a interview in a shipping company at Ulsan. 

Chang Hee becomes a prosecutor and is performing his duties in a company. He is mean and cold towards others and only response to his father and Hae Joo. At home, Bulter Park informed Chang Hee that he had a missed call from his chief, it turns out that the missed call is from Hae Joo. He is pleased to know that Hae Joo is coming to Ulsan for an interview.

President Jang came back with his family in luxurious cars and stop by the house. Chang Hee greeted them at the doorstep as they walked pass, Il Moon stared at him. It had been a long time and President Jang Mention that Kang San had achieved a lot in America. At the mention of this, Kang San was seen relaxing surrounded by pretty ladies. Except that he does not have interest in any of them and was even angry when one of them touches him.

Ryan Kang is Kang San and he now uses this name. He went to Il Moon company to return a blue print which went wrong. Hae Joo went to her mother shop to help out and was surprised to know that Young Joo went to the Nightclub. Hae Joo went to look for her and coincidentally Kang Sa is there. Young Joo flirt with Kang San and Hae Joo happened to be there and she warned him to stay away from Young Joo. When Kang San tried to stop Hae Joo, she arm twisted Kang San and flipped him over to the ground. In Hwa, having heard that Kang San had returned to Korea, went to look for him.
Kang San went to look for his grandfather who is still living at his old company.

On the other hand, Hae Joo has the burden to take care of her siblings who are not sensible. No matter how tired she is, she tried her best to self study at night. President Jang instructed Chang Hee do help him with a matter regarding his business. But the plan was obstructed by chief prosecutor Jeong Woo stated that the case was not handled in a proper manner and refused to accept Chang Hee suggestion.

Hae Joo met Chang Hee at the Ulsan bus station and she lost her balance and fall infront of Chang Hee. Her high heels was spoilt and they brought a new shoes at the shoes shop. They spent some time together before heading to a hotel room. Hae Joo was too tired and fall asleep, Chang Hee went after receiving countless missed call from his father. It turns out that President Jang and family were having a dinner and Chang Hee is supposed to attend. They were discussing the arrange marriage between Chang Hee and In Hwa. Everyone except Il Moon opposed to the whole idea.

Chang Hee intend to tell his father about him dating Hae Joo, but Hae Joo was reprehensive about it as their status does not match. Chang Hee was disappointed but followed what she says. The next day, Hae Joo went for the interview at Il Moon company and was criticize for the lack of  paper qualification. At this moment, Kang San stomp into the room and demand for an explanation on the change of blue print.

Drama Review

Finally, we are introduce to the adult casts and it is great to know what are these people doing now. I felt that it is time for the adult cast to appear otherwise the show will get very boring soon. I like the introduction to the main characters and their personality traits. I am more amazed by the fact that Hae Joo managed to reunite with her family and keep in contract with her Chang Hee oppa. I guess this only happens in Korean drama.

To my disappointment, Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) does not have any onscreen chemistry with Chang Hee (Jae Hee), neither does she have any with Kang San (Kim Jae Won).They look like siblings or friends rather than lover. I think it is not that they are lacking in acting, it is just that they did not have any 'sparks' when acting together.

The only thing i look forward is how the story unfolds from now and what Bulter Park will do to seperate Chang Hee and Hae  Joo. The more interesting part is how Kang San will react or response to hear Hae Joo and Chang Hee dating. Hopefully the next few episodes will not be so draggy. 


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