Sunday, November 18, 2012

May Queen Episode 10


Kang San recognized Hae Joo as the one that flipped him over at the nightclub. He coolly smirk and remind her of that incident. Kang San also sabotage her interview by stating that she is a gangster. Il Moon on the other hand do not have any intention to hire Hae Joo despite her plead. Kang San introduce himself to Il Moon and to his surprise, he realize that they were ex-classmate. In Hwa came to the company to look for Kang San, however, Kang san was irritated and wanted to avoid her.

Hae Joo was disappointed with the rejection and stared at the shipbuilding plant with dismay. Kang San drove his motorbike pass and noticed Hae Joo disappointment. Chang Hee called Hae Joo on the phone but she did not answer and he thought of his father conversation with him. He made the decision to look for Hae Joo and true enough, he found her at the cliff and piggyback her down the slope.

Chang Hee took Hae Joo to a teahouse and meet Bulter Park. Chang Hee stated that they were dating and his father could not take it and left immediately. They chased out but Butler Park cannot stand the sight of Hae Joo without feeling guilty. Hae Joo waited at Ulsan terminal sobbing quietly as she recounted the incident.

Chang Hee tried to talk to his father in accepting Hae Joo by proclaiming that she is the lighthouse that prevented him from becoming a monster. However, Butler Park will have none of this and insist that he become President Jang Son-in-law. Kang San went to President Jang office and introduced himself, President Jang was wary of his motive. Meanwhile, Kang San later discovered that the girl that went to the interview was Hae Joo. Back at home, Hae Joo was surprised to know that her brother had left his job in the insurance company. She reprimanded her elder brother in front of his friends. He was upset with Hae Joo and picked up a fight at home.

Bong Hee tried to seduce Jeong Woo with her dressing at In Hwa restaurant, but the latter did not pay attention to her and went straight to the dining table to order food. In Hwa noticed that Bong Hee dresses sexily but Bong Hee quickly drove her away with a glance. Jeong Woo and Bong Hee talked about the ship drilling plan and Bong Hee was frustrated that work is the common topic. To change the topic, Jeong Woo who was promoted to the chief prosecutor started to talk about the cases which he handles. Unable to take it any longer, Bong Hee bang the table and threw a spoon at Jeong Woo eye before she left the restaurant. In Hwa reported what she saw to her mother on the line and noticed that Guem Hee sounded weird. Guem Hee brushed off her that she is just tired.

Guem Hee waited for Il Moon after work and ask him when did he know that he is not her son. Il Moon answered that he knew about it since young but he did not tell In Hwa. Hae Joo cried helplessly while washing the dishes as her mother watch on. The phone rang many times, but Hae Joo did not answer Chang Hee phone call. The next day, someone from Cheon Ji shipbuiding look for Hae Joo. She met Kang San at the yacht and question his motive for bring her here. She mistakenly thought that he is making fun of her and threw him into the ocean. Just when she is about to leave, she had a call from the company and indeed Ryan Kang is offering her a job in the technical department. She panicky went back and Kang San pretended to cry for help and drag her into the water. She did a CPR on him as he played a trick on her.

Kang San called her 'tinker' and Hae Joo remembered that he is her childhood friend 'liar'. Kang San is curious about Hae Joo first love and she said that it is not him. President Jang looked for President Kang and stated that they cannot fight with him and ultimately Kang San is going to get hurt. President Kang was worried about his grandson, he decided look for Kang San at his house. Kang San declared that he will fight with him openly and will not resort to underhand method.

Chang Hee look for Hae Joo at the lighthouse and Hae Joo break the good news that she is employed at Cheon Ji Shuipbuilding Company. She needs to find a house here and Chang Hee took her to Jeong Woo house. Jeong Woo welcome Hae Joo and her family to stay at his house and Bong Hee came shortly after and was surprised to see Hae Joo. The next day, Bong Hee came home in a drunken state and revealed that Hae Joo is staying at Jeong Woo house and found a job at Cheon Ji Shipbuilding company. Guem Hee immediately asks the driver to send her to the company. Bulter Park followed the car immediately when he heard the news but he could not catch up with Geum Hee at the traffic light junction.

Guem Hee met Hae Joo at the toilet and saw the scar mark at the back of her neck and asked her about it. Hae Joo replied that she does not know about it either as she had it since young. Geum Hee looked like she almost fainted upon hearing that.

Drama Review

Kang Hee and Hae Joo interaction was very cute and funny. It is not a surprise that all the characters in the drama grew up exactly the same person as a child; even the adults remain the same. They never change in personalities and their way of doing things.

Butler Park is so scary as a father to insist on pushing his son Chang Hee into a monster. I think Chang Hee was sweet and truthful when he declared that Hae Joo is his lighthouse to remain cheerful in a harsh society. I understand Butler Park's sacrifice and suffering for Chang Hee but i felt that he is so selfish to think of himself only and he disregard his son feeling.

This is the first drama where i did not really care about who the main characters will end up with. Rather than that, i am more interested in the process and the plot of revenge. My question is, will the storyline be engaging or will it go downhill from now?


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