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May Queen Episode 1


The story began with a happy family packing all their stuffs, getting ready to move to a new house. We saw Yoo Hak Soo (Petroleum scientist), his wife Geum Hee, his daughter Yoo Jin, Yoo Hak Soo assistant Gi Cheol and his son Chang Hee. They were packing the company document when Yoo Hak Soo received a phone call. At the other end of the line is his friend Do hyeong hyung. He informed Hak Soo about the important document being found out by the Japanese and they were sending secret agents to extort from him. He suggested that they leave the house right again and hide in a safe house. In the mist of chaos, Geum Hee accidentally knocked over a jar of hot water and scarred Yoo Jin on the neck and Chang Hee on the back.

Yoo Hak went to the safe, took out the data ran away with his family but they were soon caught up by the secret agents armed with guns. Yoo Hak refused to hand over the data and was badly battered. Just before he was shot on his fore head, Do hyeong came to his rescue. He gently asked Hak Soo to hand over the data and he said that the data was with his assistant Gi Cheol. What happend next was a turn of event. He shot Yoo Hak dead and released Gi Cheol after he pledged loyalty to him.

As though losing her husband is not enough of misery, Do hyeong instructed Gi Cheol to totally destroy Geum Hee by killing her baby Yoo Jin. Gi cheol had to obey Do hyeong as he threatened him with his son Chang Hee. In a bid to save his son, Gi cheol kidnapped Yoo Jin and send her to a friend who initially refused to take care of Yoo Jin. After some persuasion, he gave in and promised to take care of her. Geum Hee was make to believed that her daughter was swept away by the strong wave. Do hyeong pretended to consoled her and asked her to be the mom of his children which she wavered when she hear the cries of the child.

Eleven years later, Yoo Jin (Hae Joo) had grown to a teenager, sitting at the back of a lorry with his foster father, on the front seats were her step-mom and her step brother (Sang Tae) and sister. They coincidentally bumped unto Gi Cheol, he was flustered and immediately ask him to move out of this place. Yoo Jin was playing with her step sister when they were attacked by a swam of bees. As a bid to rescue Yoo Jin, a boy fetched a pail of water and poured on her. That boy who rescued her from bee stung is Chang Hee. Instead of worrying about Hae Joo, her stepmother was concerned about her son and blamed Hae Joo for the misfortune. Gi Cheol ushered them off hurriedly in case they met Do hyeong whom he served as a boss. Despite they met each other on the eye, Geum Hee and Hae Joo passed by each other.

On the other hand, Do hyeong became a vicious and successful businessman. Geum Hee had overcome her grief and married Do hyeong and she treated his children as her own. Hae Joo and her family get to stay in the city deserted hut with the help of a Samaritan.

Hae Joo was a new transfer student in a new school and she was asked to sit beside In Hwa who refused to sit beside her. While having their lunch break, In Hwa threw the lunch boxes on the floor and hit Yoo Jin on the face. Yoo Jin hit back and was punished by her teacher. Geun Hee rushed to the school upon hearing her daughter being hit in school. She noticed Yoo Jin and found her familiar but she did not realized that she is her real daughter.

Chang Hee was send for a mathematics quiz and Il Moon was completing for that slot, unsatisfied that Chang Hee is nominated instead of him. After class, Il Moon and gang bullied Chang Hee but was intercepted by another classmate (Kang San) who was fast asleep at the back of the class. He blamed his classmates for not waking him up and ran to the shipbuilding plant to look for his grandfather.

While clearing the rubbish in the area, Yoo Jin saw the boats at the ship yard and was totally amazed. She met Do hyeong but he did not pay attention to her. Instead he came here to look at the pear orchard which he planned to acquire using despicable means.

Guem Hee was mourning for the loss of her daughter as today is her late daughter birthday. It was late at night, Hae Joo exchanged some bean curd for her hard labor. When she went home, she cooked and washed dishes for her family. Her selfless act moved her foster father who knew about her sacrifices. In Hwa invited Hae Joo to her house to boast to her about her riches, however, Hae Joo was only interested in the empty bottles which she could exchange for bean curd. During the exchange, Hae Joo and In Hwa accidentally broke an antique. Hae Joo bend over to pick up the pierces and Guem Hee accidentally saw the scarred mark at her neck. (the same spot where Guem Hee accidentally spilled over the hot water while escaping).

Drama Review:

I must say that the child actors and actresses displayed excellent acting skills in this drama. The spoilt brat In Hwa and the competitive Il Moon really makes my blood boiling with anger. They are arrogant people who only uses their family riches and power to get what they want. On the other hand, i pity their characters because In Hwa and Il Moon were insecured people who wants the attention and acknowledgement from their parents. Il Moon was overshadowed by Chang Hee because he is smarter and ranked first in class. He compared himself with Chang Hee and thought lowly of him as a servant son.

Chang Hee showed a rather cool image and mostly respond to his father only. Hae Joo is a really lovable child who is like cinderella always been bullied by her stepmum. The only difference is that she is so down to earth and faced hardship with a smiling face. Her stepbrother took things for granted too much. I am looking forward to how all the characters develop in the next few episodes.

Geum Hee ( Hae Joo) mum was a pitiful woman, having lost a husband and make to believe that her child is dead. It is interesting to find out how she will know about her husband (Do Hyeong) evil deeds, the butler Gi Cheol and her own child. These questions will be revealed later on in this show. It is definately a drama with a great storyline.

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