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May Queen Episode 5


Hae Joo tearfully said that she already knew that she was not the daughter of her mother, therefore she tried her best to please her. She asked her father to tell her who is her biological mother. Startled by her, Hae Joo father insisted that she is her biological mother. However, Hae Joo intuition tells her otherwise, as she recounts how she was treated differently from her siblings. Furthermore, other people mentioned that she look different from her mum. In response to that, Hae Joo Father asked, "you and i look different, does it mean that you are not my daughter?" Hae Joo nodded her head and accepted that reasoning. Tears flows from Hae Joo face as her father gave her a hug and comforted her.

While Geum Hee was keeping watch over In Hwa in the hospital, Butler Park and Chang Hee went back home. II Moon saw them and hit Chang Hee as he blamed him for his sister accident. The next day morning, Hae Joo went to her favorite place, a beautiful view of the boats at the shipyard. Chang Hee happened to be there and Hae Joo noticed the bruise on his mouth, but Chang Hee brushed off that he fell down. They sat down and had a conversation. Hae Joo asked,"Chang Hee oppa, where is your mother?" Chang Hee revealed that her mother had abandoned him and his father when he was very young and he can't remember her face.

Hae Joo share the same sentiment as him as she revealed that her mother is not her biological mother. Chang Hee immediately asked,"Did she abused you?" Hae Joo immediately denied but confessed that she did tried her best to gained her mother favour. Hae Joo shared that she was worried that her biological mother will find her one day and she had to part with her father. They made a pact and promised to keep it as a secret. Chang Hee commented tha Hae Joo hand is so warm. In return, Hae Joo asked, "oppa, why is your hand so cold?" Chang Hee replied,"because i don't have a warm heart." Hae Joo shrugged off that answer and mentioned that her father has cold hands too but his heart is like silky road, oppa is like that too.

Hae Joo visited In Hwa at the hospital and was relieved that In Hwa woke up. The first thing she mentioned to her mother is, "i want to eat pizza." Il Moon met Hae Joo outside the ward and blamed her for the accident and called her a beggar. Do yeong and Geum Hee probit In Hwa from seeing Hae Joo and Do yeong even wanted to make Hae Joo dad pay for the yacht. In Hwa immediately confessed that she is the one that wanted the drive the boat to show off and she started the boat, therefore Hae Joo had no choice but to drive the boat. Hae Joo also saved her life after she drank the ocean water.

Hae Joo surprisingly found some baked potatoes in her room left by her mother and ate it happily. Bong Hee and Jeong Woo were investigating the pollution problems at the pear orchard. When they were on the way home, they met Hae Joo. Not knowing that they were uncle and niece, Jeong Woo and Hae Joo gets along very well. Bong Hee chides Jeong Woo not to hang around with little girls and that he should go out and look for ladies instead. Hae Joo retaliated that she is also a lady and she called Bong Hee an old hen. Bong Hee was dismayed with the remarks and Jeong Woo tried to salvage the situation by being the peacemaker. Hae Joo brought some potatoes to Jeong Woo in exchange for some flour. Jeong Woo mentioned that Hae Joo looks like Yoo Jin (his niece). To that, Bong Hee urged him to get married and give birth to a daughter.

Back in the hospital, Geum Hee felt guilty for hitting Hae Joo when she learnt that she saved In Hwa. Do Hyeon decided to throw a party to celebrate all the children that survived and they invited Hae Joo and her family for dinner too. In Hwa went to Kang San grandfather and declared that she will marry Kang San in the future. The elders laughed it off and regarded it as a joke. Kang San resisted and denied that In Hwa 'own' him. Through the dinner, Hae Joo learnt from In Hwa that Kang San grandfather is the president of a big shipbuilding company.

Do Hyeong negotiated with Kang San grandfather (President Park) to give up the pear orchard but he declined and stated that he will not concede. Do Hyeong pressed on and President Park squash the glass of wine on Do Hyeong face and stormed out of the room dragging Kang San away from the dinner. Do Hyeong looked in the mirror clenching his teeth in anger.

Over at the dinner, Geum Hee praised Hae Joo and her mother was unhappy. She called Hae Joo a wench in front of everyone and insisted that she piggyback Young Joo to sleep. Chang Hee defended Hae Joo but was told to stay out of their business. In Hwa added that Hae Joo brought the same thing to school everyday and wondered is she Hae Joo stepmother. Butler Park hastily stopped her to the surprised of everyone, especially Il Moon who never see him speak up before. Hae Joo parents quarrelled in front of everyone and the dinner became awkward.

Butler Park dragged Hae Joo father (sergeant Chung) whom he addresses to a corner and asked him why did he bring his family here. Hae Joo father asked is In Hwa and Hae Joo twins sisters since they were of the same age. He demanded an explanation regarding this matter when Chang Hee cuts in and said that Hae Joo mother is leaving and they did not bring Hae Joo along.

Geum Hee brought a dress for Hae Joo to apologize for hitting her. Delighted, Hae Joo requested to try on the dress. She asked Geum Hee to zip the dress for her. She turned around and showed the scar at the back of the neck. Unfortunately, Hae Joo dad came it at the time and Geum Hee did not notice the scar. Back at home, Hae Joo mum insisted that Hae Joo take out the dress and she is going to sell it away. Hae Joo father plead with his resentful wife to push all the blame to him and not to let Hae Joo suffer anymore as he broke down in tears.

Unable to hide his guilt towards Hae Joo anymore, her father took the clothing of Hae Joo when she was a baby and went to Do Hyeon company to verify. In the office, Do Hyeon was persuading Jeong Woo to give up the pear orchard and not to work for President Park (Kang San grandfather). Jeong Woo refused and claimed that the pear orchard was handed out by his brother. Do Hyeon insisted that he wants to build a shipyard there as it was his and his brother dream, but Jeong Woo would have none of this. He knew of the evil deed he did to his brother.

Hae Joo dad met up with Do Hyeon and mentioned about the baby that was lost in the ocean. He laid down the baby clothes on the table and asked Do Hyeon if he remembers this clothes. Do Hyeon replied that this is the first time he see this clothes and insisted that Yoo Jin had already died. After Hae Joo dad left in disappointment, Do Hyeon looked for bulter Park at the pear orchard and drove him to the seaside. He questioned bulter Park about the identity of Hae Joo dad and mentioned that he came to find him regarding Yoo Jin.

Butler Park was surprised and Do Hyeon asked if the child is still alive. Do Hyeon hit butler Park and forced a confession from him by drowning his head into the sea. However, he denied that Yoo Jin was still alive. Instead, he was quick to give an excuse that it was difficult to kill a baby so he need to get Sergent Chung (Hae Joo dad) to help him. Now he was in debt and decided to use the clothes to extort money from him. Do Hyeon believed him and ordered butler Park to bring Hae Joo dad to him.

Bong Hee visited her elder sister house who happened to be Geum Hee. She urged Bong Hee to look for a partner and settle down. After school, Kang San looked for Chang Hee and they met Hae Joo who had been waiting for Kang San. She said that she had something to say to Kang san and dragged him away in front of Chang Hee who look sad. Kang San was delighted tha Hae Joo whom he called 'tinker' had looked for him first. Actually, Hae Joo wanted him to bring her to the shipyard for a tour since he is the grandson of the shipyard owner.

While they were touring the shipyard, Hae Joo discovered that Kang San has a phobia of height. She dragged Kang San upstairs to have a better view of the shipyard and he unwillingly followed. Hae Joo teased him for having a phobia of fire and height. They toured the shipyard and Kang San had a bit of knowledge of how the shipyard operates to Hae Joo surprise. Kang San make a deal with Hae Joo, he will show her all the things about the shipyard in exchange Hae Joo must teach him welding. Kang San was excited to start welding now, but Hae Joo said that she need to cook dinner at home. Kang San responded, "why do you need to cook? the rice cooker does that."

Hae Joo rushed home and found his father debt collectors at her house. She hurriedly hide behind the brushes and tried to escape, but her action alerted one of the debt collector. Bulter Park met Hae Joo dad at the top of the cliff. Hae Joo dad apologized for meeting the president and he will give up trying to find Hae Joo parents again as he had regarded Hae Joo as his daughter. He stood at the edge of the cliff and bulter Park mustered up his courage and intended to push Hae Joo dad down the cliff from the back. His action was interrupted when Hae Joo witnessed the act and called out, "Ahjusshi" Bulter Park turned around and was startled to saw Hae Joo.


It was getting a bit tiring to see the tragedy repeating itself over and over again. Something that the writer should minimize. Hae Joo goodie two shoes image was getting a little irritating now. Until now, she has being the almost 'perfect' person in this drama. I understand that this is a drama and the writer have to create certain plots for character development.

There was a lot of crying scenes in this episode and a lot of heartrending moments between Hae Joo and her dad which i thought was a little excessive. I felt that this episode was stretched a bit longer and it was beating around the brush to get to certain point. For instance, Hae Joo dad keep suspecting that Hae Joo was the missing child and it took him a long time to decide to confront president Do Hyeon, Bulter park being beaten up again and Hae Joo step mother repeatedly emotional abused against Hae Joo. It was a bit boring and the whole plot turned into a merry-go-round.

Despite the down side of this episode, i still believed that the drama will do well as times go by since we have a 32 episodes to cover. I just hope that the drama will pace itself faster and develop better ideas to deliver the plots. There was some new discovery in this episode, in particular In Hwa character. I did not expect her to confess to her wrong doings at the hospital. This shows that she is just a harmless spoilt brat, unlike her brother who is a rotten potato. 
I also enjoyed the interaction between Chang Hee and Hae Joo despite the cheesy lines that they shared. I like it that Hae Joo keep calling Chang Hee 'oppa'. On the other hand, Hae Joo rapport with Kang San was pretty interesting too. The tinker and liar nicknames that they gave each other and all the teasing was rather cute.


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