Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nicholas Tse encourages media to stalk his children

HONG KONG: While many celebrities will go out of their way to make sure their children are not photographed by the media, for fear of drawing unwanted attention to them, Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse does the opposite.

Speaking to reporters during a promotional event on Tuesday in Hong Kong for his upcoming film "Vanishing Bullet", Tse said he wanted the media to photograph his sons Lucas and Quintus more often.

"Please don't let my two children go, continue to follow them. Follow them as closely as possible. Even when they are going to the toilet, going to or returning home from school, or even changing their clothes, they are guys, it's fine to photograph them," said Tse.

Has he gone mad?

It turns out Tse feels that there has been a rash of child kidnapping and human trafficking cases in Hong Kong recently, and thought his children would actually be safer with the media tailing them all the time and getting the public interested in how his sons are.

"Actually, I want to thank the media, because they bring an extra six million pairs of eyes (the Hong Kong public) to keep track of whether my sons are okay. Why would I be annoyed with the media?" said Tse, before adding that it would be folly for anyone to try and kidnap his two sons, "If someone tried to kidnap one of my children, there'd immediately be 200 or more photos of this appearing on the micro blogs, so don't have any designs on my kids!



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