Saturday, February 25, 2012

K-pop star shaves head to show remorse for insensitive comments

SEOUL: Korean boy band Block B's leader, Zico, apologized and shaved his head on Monday, to show his remorse over the insensitive comments the band had made about Thailand's flood situation during an earlier media conference in Thailand, reported Korean media.

When asked by the Thai media about their thoughts on the flooding in Thailand, Zico said he hoped to help the Thai people with monetary aid, but later said he only had 7000 won (S$8). His fellow members laughed at Zico's jest, however, many who saw the video clip of the interview, which has since gone viral, felt that it is no laughing matter and found Block B's comments to be highly insensitive.

Zico is not the only one who has since worked toward making amends - each member of Block B had also written a letter to apologise for behaving badly during that media conference.  This is apparently not the first time that Block B is in trouble after making insensitive comments - Block B was also criticized for being insensitive about the tsunami situation in Japan last year.

"Right now there's a tsunami raging outside. We will sweep over here (Japan) like a tsunami," said Block B's member Park Kyung in Korean, while other members made waves-like motions with their hands and laughed. The translator had wisely opted to leave out the tsunami comments from his translations as Japan was still dealing with the aftermath of a tsunami at the time.



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