Friday, April 20, 2012

"Absolute Boyfriend" stars don't need perfect partners

Korean actress Ku Hye Sun likes Taiwan actor Jiro Wang. In fact, she likes him so much that she refers to him as "smelly bean curd". Wait. Is that some new form of endearment? "I like (smelly bean curd)" exclaimed Ku of the popular street snack in Taiwan, "so I'm using my favourite food to represent him," the actress explained to the surprised Wang and local media.

The curious quip seemed to go down well with Ku's "Absolute Boyfriend" co-star and member of Taiwanese boyband Farenheit. "I feel honoured to be reminded as one of Ku Hye Sun's favourite food," said Wang with a satisfied smile.

The topic of food came in large servings at the media session with the good-looking stars of "Absolute Boyfriend" who were in town recently.The South Korean starlet who plays "Lu Xiao Fei" in the Taiwanese TV drama admitted to having a soft spot for Taiwan snacks such as dumplings and pearl milk tea.

In fact, Wang went on to reveal that his petite co-star is not particularly picky when it comes to food.
"I'm really envious of Ku Hye Sun because she can eat and drink as much as she wants. "I love pearl milk tea too, but because I have to keep my figure perfect for my role, I can only can have a sip of the high-calorie, sugar-loaded drink," said Wang who plays Lu's all-round perfect boyfriend robot "Chen Nai Te" in the series adapted from a Japanese manga of the same title.

Keeping to a strict diet and working out daily are just the basics to being a perfect cybernetic boyfriend but as Wang went on to add, the most difficult thing about being a robot was … being robotic. "Robots do things that humans don't do, and I didn't have any experiences like that. It was really difficult to imagine and get into the role," said Wang who spent much time researching his role and used Steven Spielberg's 2001 movie "Artificial Intelligence" as a reference point.

As for being perfect, it turned out to be one of the biggest challenges of the role for Wang. "Because I was programmed to be the perfect boyfriend, I need to carry out all my commands perfectly - even those unexpected ones."

Apart from a great physique, the perfect cybernetic boyfriend had to be attentive and be a good cook along with more than 3000 other traits. Having picked up cooking skills from his previous drama roles as a chef, Wang is pretty close to perfect based on the TV series, confessing that he is able to whip up some decent dishes.

But that also means, the perfect girlfriend will have to meet some pretty high standards. "I hope she is someone who is good at cooking because I'm used to having home-cooked food," said Wang.

For Ku, the reel-life perfect guy need not apply in real-life. "I like someone who has good manners. Having good looks is a plus point, but it's his personality that matters the most," said Ku.

While the pair is each other's ideal type in "Absolute Boyfriend", both Ku and Wang confessed that they started with an awkward relationship. "Although it was really awkward between Ku Hye Sun and myself when we begun filming the drama, we started having better chemistry as days went by," said Wang.

"In "Absolute Boyfriend", our characters weren't very close initially, so maintaining the awkwardness (in the beginning) actually helped in our acting," added Ku. Now that Ku has overcome her first non-Korean production and Wang his first working relationship with a Korean, what's next on the menu for the pair?

Perhaps not smelly bean curd.



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