Friday, July 13, 2012

Selina Jen returns to showbiz

Selina Jen reunited with her bandmates from S.H.E. on the stage of the Golden Melody Awards for the first time in 19 months after she was injured in a horrific on-set fire incident. The trio's performance was the highlight of the show, which drew a record number of viewers. Selina was so overwhelmed by her emotions that she broke down after performing.

Richard Chang, Selina's husband, had stood by Selina throughout her ordeal. The lovebirds recently struck a couple endorsement deal.

When asked about her child-bearing plans, Selina expressed, "I'll leave it up to fate, but ideally, I hope to recover fully, go for my honeymoon and vacation in Europe before having children."

She further shared that she is currently working hard to lose weight and is in the process of choosing songs for her album, adding that she would like to meet her fans soon.



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