Wednesday, August 08, 2012

JJ Lin's health compromised due to hectic work schedule

The singer discovers he is suffering from a severe case of stomach ulcers after complaining of stomach pain. Erratic work hours, skipped meals and high levels of work stress - according to doctors, these are reasons that contributed to JJ Lin's severe bout of stomach ulcers. After enduring stomach pains for a month, JJ Lin was sent for emergency treatment at Taipei's Chung Shan Hospital after the pain got severe.

After a scan, doctors discovered that JJ was suffering from stomach ulcers and his condition was so severe that his small intestines were also affected. JJ himself was alarmed when doctors pointed that he had slight bleeding in his stomach.

The Singaporean singer's health has taken a beating of late. He contracted a bad bout of influenza recently, which was so serious that a doctor had to be summoned to his hotel in Malaysia to treat his illness. He recovered quickly and returned to work promoting his latest album, Lost N Found.



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