Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Jolin Tsai to release first studio album in two years

Ahead of Jolin Tsai's latest album, which is set to be released on September 14, photographs of her album photo shoot have been released, raising expectations for her first studio release since Myself in August 2010.

Her title track, 'Da Yan Yi Jia', will showcase a new style of dancing for the pop princess and is also set to challenge the songbird vocally as she has raised the standard of her rapping and singing parts.
Taiwanese-born designer Chen Shao Yen, who is based in London, was specially hired to design Jolin's slinky gold outfit. He shared that Jolin had full trust in his design and even went to the extent of celebrating his birthday for him. He praised the singer for being both professional and caring. The photo shoot was conducted in Paris and has garnered a lot of attention, raising the hype for her upcoming album.

The music video for her title song will be released simultaneously in 60 different countries on August 15 -including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the United States, Canada and Australia.



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