Monday, September 03, 2012

DramaQueen's Pick: Korean Ballad Songs

Only wind, Only wind

Titled: Only wind, Only wind
Released in year 2006
Singers: SG Wannabe feat. Kim Jong Kook
MV starring: Daniel Henny and Han Ga In

This classic song was released in year 2006 featuring my favorite singers. I love this song the moment i watched the MTV. It was an awesome song and initially I thought it was a boyband that sang it. The MV was so sad and the storyline was ridiculously absurd but 'romantic'. It left a deep impression on me  as it was refreshing at that time to watch a MTV filmed like a mini drama with part 1 and 2. All these while, i did not know who were the singers as they did not show their faces in the music video. It was only much later did i know who sang this beautiful song. Their voices were impressive and demonstrated a wide range of singing abilities. 

Kim Jong Kook - 2nd album evolution

Album: Kim Jong Kook - 2nd album evolution
Singer: Kim Jong Kook
Titled: Han Namja (one Man)
Released in year: 2004

This is one of Kim Jong Kook most popular songs and the greatest hit of all time. He began to gain recognition as a solo artist after the released of this ablum in 2004. The song described a man one-sided love in a woman life. Han Namja was used as a theme song in korean dramas and Kim Jong Kook soon became one of the best Korean singer at that time. Subsequently, he released a few albums which took the Kpop by storm, it further consolidate his status as the King of Kpop. His other popular hit singles includes, Loveable, Say I love you, Today more than yesterday, Thank you, Do not treat me good, Star, wind, Sunlight and Love. He was often teased by others for having a muscular body with a 'mosquito' voice, his unusual high pitched voice was unique in contrast to his body frame. Initially, he was part of an idol dance duo - Turbo in the 90s, till it was disbanded a few years later. Nowadays, he appears in SBS Running Man as part of the main cast.

Bogoshida (I miss you)

Titled: Bogoshida (I miss you)
Singer: Kim Bum Soo
Stairway's to Heaven Ost

Kim Bum Soo is considered one of Korea best singer. He had released many albums and singles. His  latest OST was featured in the Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin. Being an established singer, he had won many music awards in major events to date. Most of his songs had an American R&B feel which suit his smooth voice. He is one of the few singers in korea who is able to sing ballads which touches the audience hearts. 

Missing you

Titled: Missing you
Singers: Fly to the Sky (FTTS)
Released in year: 2003

Fly to the Sky is credited as the first Korean R&B duo. They had many popular hit songs such as gravity and Sea of Love. I like their individual style and characteristic. Their voices goes well with each other too. Unfortunately, they had some disagreement and decided to pursue their solo career. Although they had not officially disband, we had seen lesser of their work recently. Hope to see their comeback soon.

Lyrics No 1

Album: Lyrics No 1
Titled: Should I catch a cold?
Singers: Wheesung and Lee Seung Woo
Released in Year: 2012

Wheesung is a well-known R&B singer in Korea. He was voted as one of the best male vocalist in music programme Mnet and Music bank. This talented singer is able to compose songs and rap in his music. He was enlisted into Military service in 2011 and had kept a low profile until the release of this single. Wheesung initially wrote this song for Soul Star Seung Woo but it was incomplete due to his busy schedule and worsening health. However, producer Choi Kap Won completed the song in perfection. The collaboration between the two artises were fabulous as it showcase their singing abilities and their voices goes well with each other.


Titled: Voice
Singer: Baek Ji Young Feat. Gary from LeeSang
Release in year: 2012

Baek Ji Young began her music career in 1999. She is considered as one of the Korean sexy goddess, other than Lee Hyori. She is able to dance sexily and seductively on the upbeat songs, on the other hand, she displayed a strong vocal in her songs. She make a comeback to the music scene after a vocal surgery. This is one of the song which caught my attention because of her husky or 'sexy' voice. Being the queen of Korean pop, she demostrated a wide range of vocal abilities and styles which  captured the attention of her audience.


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