Saturday, December 29, 2012

Drama Queen's Pick of the Year: 2012 Dramas

1) Rooftop prince

Why I like this drama

I like the concept of the storyline and the main cast. Micky and his three subordinates were so cute in their ancient costumes and their expressions were so funny. Han Ji Min on the other hand is very pretty and her acting is very natural.

Towards the middle episodes the story seems to lose its directions and it starts to become boring. The production team began to realize that they are losing the audiences and started to make the story more interesting. Eventually, their effort caught the attention of the audience towards the end of the episode.

I am satisfied with the ending and it goes to show that the writer indeed planned the ending beforehand, therefore, it does not feel rushed and things were explained better. I like the idea that Micky went back to the ancient time and explained the whole incident rather than letting it hanging without any clue. Overall, I like the main cast and their interaction.

Overall: 7/10

2) The Innocent Guy 

Why I like this drama

This drama sounds so dark and I expected a lot of revenge and plotting against each other. The reason why I watch this drama is because of Song Jong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo. Their onscreen chemistry must be very good since they were close friends in real life. Indeed, this combination were good and it had been long since I saw them together in Running Man. I like actress Moon Chae on and Park Si Yeon acting and their portrayal of the characters.

It is refreshing to see Song Jong Ki turn into a revengeful man as he has never play this type of role. Kang Ma-Ru is a complex character and Song Jong Ki is able to portray the emotions very well. The things which he went through and the sacrifice that he made for the lady that he loved were strongly portrayed by this talented guy.

Kwang Soo is still the silly and hilarious guy that we used to see, but his comedic timing and expressions were excellent. I can’t help but think that he is the Korean ‘Mr Bean’. Moon Chae Won is an amazing actress who has the capability to act naturally in all the drama that she had starred in.

Overall: 9/10

3) To the Beautiful you

Why I like this drama

I watch this drama because I had watched the Japanese and Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi. I wonder how the Korean flares in this drama. As expected, the drama was popular because of the eye candies. Who can resist the charm of Shinee member Min Ho and the cuteness of Lee Hyun Woo? Choi Seol Ri is cute and loveable in this drama too. This is an idol drama and i just want to see their cuteness and their interactions. The final verdict is that their acting is mediocre and the storyline is expected (since there were many versions). I would recommend this drama after a long day at work or in school.

Overall: 7/10 

4) MayQueen

Why I like this drama

The child actors and actresses were amazing. They can really act naturally in front of the camera. It was a drama with lots of twist and turn, some for the better and some for the worse. It was a little draggy towards the middle and bounce back just in time when I was about to give up on the drama. The storyline were good and the ending is sweet. This is a comeback drama for Han Ji Hye and Kim Jae Won. I certainly do not think that they look compatible neither do they have much chemistry. However, their acting is pretty good and I also look forward to see the evil men downfall. I think this is indeed a good drama especially to those who are patient enough to see it through.

Overall: 8/10

5) Arang and the Magistrate

Why I like this drama

This is a romantic drama which touches heart. I like the love shared between Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah. They were such a lovely couple and I was amazed that they really look like ancient people with those costumes. I had always likes the two main leads and there are no doubts about their acting. There were some lighthearted moments and some tear jerking moments. I like the way the writers sum up the drama in a nice manner by explaining the part about the memories. I am not a fan of drama which concludes with a storyline which says we will meet again after life. But surprisingly, I am fine with this ending for this drama. The concept of reborn and fall in love again was used many times in drama but the most important thing is how the drama carry out this aspect and make it beautiful. Worthy to mention, I like the Original Sound Track (OST) of this drama. It really brings out the emotions of every scene.

Overall: 8/10



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