Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Running Man Asia Tour Episode 134

The next morning, the Running Man will go to Vietnam for shooting hand we can see the giraffe Kwang Soo who woke up early in the morning and stood at the hallway of the hotel. The flashback showed us the reason why the unsettling Kwang Soo stood at the corridor looking so confused.

The three teams have to choose a person from a group of three to tell them the mission for tomorrow. Blue team chooses a lady but she was speaking Mandarin and none of them can understand the language although they pretended to be excited. Green team chooses a man who speak English and they still managed to grasp the meaning. Lastly, yellow team managed to chose a person who speaks Korean to tell them about the mission tomorrow.

Fast forward to Kwang Soo and we can see Ji Hyo discreetly opened the door and instinctively, kwang Soo chased after her to know about the mission. At the corner of the hallway, Gary hides behind a pillar. Apparently, he did not put on his shirt. He leisurely peeled an apple in his room with Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo and revealed that they have to reach the Airport by 7am or else the team will go back to Korea. After getting the information that he wanted, Kwang Soo rushed off calling his team mates (Jong kook was awaken by the bell rang by Kwang Soo earlier on). When they went back to looked for Gary, he was gone with his team mates. On the other hand, the yellow team having understood the mission leisurely prepared themselves to the Airport. Blue team followed the green team and the Blue team even pretended to sleep when they cross their path. Haha. Nonetheless, the yellow team reached the airport first and received a dagger.

At the plane, the teams were required to kick a member out of the team and the blue team Ji Suk Jin was chosen immediately. After the exchange of members, the team has to guess who had the daggers in the bag. The group which guessed correctly will receive all the daggers in that bag. Eventually, Kwang Soo betrayed his team by putting all the daggers in his bag. Haha correctly pointed him out and received all the Blue team daggers for his team to the fury of Jong Kook and Dong Wook.

After the switch, the new teams are as follows: Green team - Jae Suk, Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin with 1 dagger, yellow team – Haha, Hye-Jin and Gary with four daggers, Blue team – Kwang Soo, Jong Kook and Dong Wook with none.

Once they reached Vietnam, the team set off to the Hoan Kiem lake. We heard loud cheers for the Running Man as thousands of fans gathered around. The Running Man cast had many problems getting to the theatre as fans crowded around. They watched a play in the theatre and was handed the mission by a turtle amidst everything.

The Running man went to the next destination to play scissors, paper, stone with the fruit vendors at the street. If they lost the game, more fruits will be added to their burden. The goal of this mission is to clear all the fruits they were carrying. In the end, the green team completed the mission first followed by the Blue team. Thanks to Jong Kook strategy in the game, the blue team completed their mission pretty fast. Now it was left with the Yellow group and the odds were heavy, if they lost the game, they have to carry 72 fruits. Luckily, Haha won the game for his team.

Next, the teams were separated to three locations. Haha, JaeSuk and Dong Wook sat in the restaurant with the head chef as they played the game -31. The head chef can eat as many foods as he likes and the rest can only eat up to three at a time. The person who ate the last remaining food on the plate will be eliminated. I like the chef laughter as he played the game with the cast. Eventually, Haha was eliminated first followed by Jae Suk and the last person standing was Dong Wook.

The other group does not have things easy either. Jong Kook, Hye Jin and Ji Suk Jin have to guess the Korean songs that a local sang. None of them were familiar with the recent pop songs. Hye Jin even answered a song – Super Junior “cha, cha, cha.” To which Jong Kook clarified that the title of the song is “sorry, sorry.” It just happened that this was the next song. Hye Jin won the game for her team this round.

In another part of the town, the Monday couple and Kwang Soo has to play hide and seek, the person that caught the other members in the shortest time wins. Gary appointed Kwang Soo as the seeker first and the he retorts: “Do you think the two of you will be together if you do this?” All Ji Hyo has to do is a little aegyo for Gary to switch the order to her favor. In the end, Kwang Soo won the game having caught the Monday Couple in the shortest time.

With the nine daggers, the Running Man went to the land mark tower. The next game was name tag ripping. However, the rules stated that only those who have the dagger can participate and those who don’t have will be sent to the jai immediately. Each person can carry two daggers and there were shields hidden in the building to help them. Kwang Soo and Jong Kook were acting out a dramatic scene on who should go to the jail first and Dong wook feeling bored just stood aside.

It was decided that Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin will stay in the jail while the rest get ready for the game. Hye Jin was caught by kwang Soo and Dong Wook even though she struggled badly, her name tag was torn. Haha was targeted by the green group and was oust pretty soon. Now Gary was unhappy about the loss of two members and stepped up the game by eliminating Kwang Soo and Jae Suk out of the game.

Dong Wook kept trying to contact Kwang Soo with the walkie talkie and even stated that he does not call his mum so many times. When the news of Kwang Soo elimination was announced, he simply dropped his walkie talkie on the ground in shock. Soon, Dong wook found a shield and he had a chose to protect himself or get a chosen member out of the jail. He chose to get Jong Kook out of prison and Jong Kook smirked as he received his nametag.

The announcement was made that another person had found a shield and everyone was curious to know who that person is. Gary and Ji Hyo formed an alliance to eliminate the blue team but Jong Kook overheard their conversion. Dong Wook was targeted and he called out for Jong Kook to come to his rescue but Jong Kook arrived a  little late and Dong Wook was eliminated. In the blink of an eye, Ji Hyo was eliminated too. Finally, it was revealed that Gary had found a shield and he used it to protect himself. Left with no choice, Jong Kook torn Gary nametag and the reflector eliminated himself. The reward for the yellow team was the golden sword.


I like the interaction of the casts in this episode. The Vietnamese fans are really enthusiastic and dramatic. I was laughing drastically at the opening scene when Kwang Soo stood at the door looking so confused. Gary as usual was funny when he stood behind the pillar shirtless. I like how relaxed he appears to be in front of Kwang Soo, even cutting an apple to eat and once Kwang Soo was out of sight, he immediately left the place with his team.

Kwang Soo proved to be the ultimate betrayer when he betrayed his own team by putting all the daggers in his bag. However, this “Asia prince” received so much love from the fans and Jong Kook even stated that he is the “Jang Dong Gun” here. Everywhere, we can see the Giraffe supporters.

I think that Dong Wook made a wrong decision when he chose to brings Jong kook out of prison. The commander is not at his 100% best because of the leg injury and he is limping. That is the reason why he chose to go to the jail at the first place.

Anyway, the man of the game is Gary and he is really the dark horse of Running Man. He is clever and strong just that he used to be laid back in the past and hide his strength. When he stepped up on the game, it was proven that you can never underestimate him.


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