Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It could have been so much better

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This was the seating arrangement that was planned by Mode Entertainment initially. However, we are not seated in this arrangement on that day. No balloting on that day and nobody give us proper instructions about this arrangement.

The worse thing is that I actually found the photograph on Mode Entertainment Facebook which is a major shock to us. If Mode Entertainment intends to publish the photo on the website, why do they need to get our email address in the first place? I am upset that they did not inform us when will we get the photo and what if people did not check the website, are they going to just destroy the photos after some time? We provide free publicity for them is already good for their portfolio. As a form of respect, they should at least inform us through email or a message about the upload of photographs.

They can’t simply apologize and pretend that they missed out two groups. It was irresponsible on their part and I felt that the money paid was not worth it due to the bad service and arrangement. We did pay $68 for the photograph session and the fact that they only gave us one photograph despite taking two or three photographs was questionable. I am grateful that Mode Entertainment brings in Jong Kook, but I felt cheated and they should have provided a hard copy and a soft copy of the photographs since we paid for it. These should be part of the service which in a way will help to promote the company in a more positive manner.


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