Sunday, April 14, 2013

G-Dragon Concert (Priority) Tickets - Why So Complicated?

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There has never been a habit to actually buy concert tickets, especially if they are the most expensive ones. However, the power of peer pressure can be very “persuading” especially if there is more than one person trying to “convince” you. So yes, I have been very effectively persuaded to go for a GD concert, other than the MBLAQ concert in Taipei. Well, actually DramaQueen’s friend convinced her to get the most expensive tickets (because she’s a fan) and in turn she me (kinda). If the concert ticket was complimentary, I would just probably rave (?) about the concert and experience. But since I have to pay for this one I just have to rant about the whole process, well the booking and paying part that is, but mostly just this thing called "priority" sales. So pardon this (mostly) ranting post.

Yes, you live only once so trying out new things are fine (concerts included). But why do I have to purchase 2 days worth of tickets just so to qualify for the early "priority" sales (which would most probably have people snapping up the good seats whether or not they need them, and increasing the probability that it will go on to the black market)? Sales will definitely increase and monies safely in the bank, but... Read more>>


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