Saturday, April 27, 2013

U-weekly: Special feature - Kim Jong Kook

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First Time in Singapore

UW: How do you feel about the first fanmeeting in Singapore?

Ans: I look forward to meeting my fans in Singapore. In the past, i held my fanmeeting in Japan before, however, that was a long time ago and since then i did not have any fanmeeting. Therefore, i felt nervous about the Fanmeeting. Most of my fans in Singapore know me as part of the cast in Running Man, will they find it strange to see me singing on stage? Hope they will feel happy to see me on stage.

UW: What type of special performance will you prepare? Have you ever been to Singapore?

Ans: I planned to sing for my fans and play games with them. In 2011 Summer time (Running Man) after the Hong Kong Special episode, i went to Singapore privately to rest. Surprisingly, singaporean recognized me at the Supermarket and at the airport. Some of them asked to take picture with me and took my autograph. I never thought that many people watch Running Man in Singapore and this has been a good memories for me.

Singer first 

UW: You said that you are always a singer, followed by host and comedian or actor. Does it mean that you love and value your job as a Singer first? Why did you put that as the upmost importance in your career?

Ans: The main reason is that i do not want people to forget that i am a singer. In addition, I can use that image to crack joke during Running Man. When my fellow Running Man members lose to me, i will say,"you can't even win a singer?" Everyone will laugh loudly at this comment, therefore, i did stress on that on purpose.

UW: What type of satisfaction does singing give you which other job could not satisfise you?

Ans: I have been working as a singer for 18 years now. Although participating in variety programme became a important part of my life, but to me standing on the stage to sing enabled me to express my deepest feeling. Therefore, nothing can compare to that.

Not a born winner

UW: Does hosting Running Man affected your personality, popularity and career? Are you glad that you are part of the big family?

Ans: I have a wider range of fans and that includes the kids, which laid a strong foundation for myself in the future. I remembered the last time we flimed Running Man, there were many kids that wanted to tear my nametag off my shirt. I can't even move about among all the kids. In the past, i may find that irritating, however, i changed my mind when i have a nephew and i begin to like kids. When some famous people came to take picture with us because of the kids, i felt that the power of kids were so great!

UW: The audience and your commades think that you are the greatest rival. Do you view this as a pressure or a motivation?

Ans: There is motivation and pressure because of the high expectation from the audience. They would think that even though i may not win the race, i should be able to survive to the end and should'nt be the first to be eliminated.  However, the rest of the Running Man members had improved a lot and sometimes i may lose to them. Therefore, i do not think that i am a born winner.

UW: In Running Man, which member are you most impressed with?

Ans: Hmm..Kwang Soo. From the programme i can see how he presented his comedic ability and bring laugher to everyone. He does not care if he fall into the water or get hurt, he does his best to participate in the games and i admire him for that.

Marry before fourty years old

UW: Is Moon Guem Young your dream lover? Is the ten years age gap a big issue to you?

Ans: I like big eyes and round face because my eyes are small and i wish that my girlfriend has bigger eyes. I like Moon Guem Young or Yoo Eun Hye type. In the past, i felt that ladies that were four to five years younger than me was a big gap. However, now i think that ten years age gap is okay as long as we can get along. Because of the nature of my job, i came across many celebrities. But when it comes to finding a girlfriend which would eventually lead us to marriage, i would wish to date an ordinary person. I hope to marry before i turn 40.

UW: Will you surprise us with a sudden marriage? What criteria are you looking for to be your wife?

 Ans: I said this in a TV programme before that i wish my future wife will be 1.65 and above, not too skinny and it does not matter if she is not very rich. The most important thing is to have a round face and a bigger eyes than mine. For the sake of our children, I still wish that my wife has big round eyes.


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