Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rich Man, Poor woman Episode 4


Chihiro accidentally let slip that she has been using a false identity. Her actual name is Matoko Natsui.Hyuga was angry with her for being a liar woman and told her not to come back to Next Innovation again. Clearly affected by the incident, Natsui was mopping at the university when her friend ask her to do something to amend for the mistake. Natsui did a part time job at a petrol station under her friend recommendation. Coincidently, Hyuga drove his car to the petrol station and Natsui was flustered when she saw him and tried to hide from him.
Hyuga was busy with the operation of the data and there were things he had yet to figure out. He met yoko while taking a break and they spent time together. Yoko revealed that they met each other a few years ago and they make a pact to meet again. However, Hyuga does not seem to remember anything to Yoko disappointment. On the other hand,  Makoto was busy doing survey and getting information for the project.

Asahina had a hard day at work and had some conflict with Hyuga about work. Yoko noticed that he had a hard day at work and casually commented that, "brother, you are the best number 2." Yoko asked about Hyuga illness as he did not remember anything about her. Asahina explained that Hyuga is suffering from a medical condition and he can't remember people names and faces.

It was late at night, Makoto was wrongfully arrested for stealing an elder bank book. She called Asahina to bail her out of the police station, but Hyuga came instead. He explained that nobody is in the office at 1am. Hyuga was testing the usability of the system that he created and he asked Makoto to test run the system in the office. Makoto has problems in accessing the system and Hyuga figured out that the high technology system may not work well with the general people. He decided to change the system into a simpler version to cater to the abilities of people who are not good in technology. Makoto stayed with Hyuga in the office while he did the changes for the programme. They discussed and modified the system to a simple way through Makoto help, they finally succeeded.

In order to market this system to the public, they need the help of big companies to promote the personal files. Hyuga was annoyed with the attitude of those big bosses and refused to make a deal with them. Because of that, Asahina and Hyuga had an argument and Hyuga remarked, "Asahina, this is the first time i am disappointed in you." Makoto was called back to Next Innovation the next morning. Hyuga offered her to be a temporary staff till the launch of the personal file interface. He re-introduced to the staffs that her name is Makoto Natsui.

Hyuga met Makoto at the lift and gave her a stack of name cards. Makoto was overjoyed to receive her own stack of name cards with cute pictures printed on it. She mentioned about meeting Hyuga mother at the country side but she was asked not to reveal that to anyone. She had been bothered by the fact that she did not help the two of them to meet, however, Hyuga had no recollection that they met on that day. Makoto was disappointed with his reply and tried to hide it. Hyuga tried to explain his medical condition but could not as the lift door open and he went in.

Yoko and Hyuga met in the restaurant and they talked about that time they met and their promise to meet again a year later. Hyuga suddenly remembered something about them. Delighted, Yoko gave Hyuga a kiss on the lips and Makoto happened to be outside the restaurant and witnessed the scene. On the other hand, Asahina seem to be planning something in his mind.

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