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Rich Man, Poor Woman: Episode 11 (Final)

Hyuga returned to an eerily empty company with only a few desolated employees left. Yamagami comes out and tell Hyuga that it was wrong of him to ask him to return to a dying company. On the other hand, Makoto was assigned to the laborartory in Brazil because of good performance. Hyuga sits outside and Yoko accompanies him. She asked if Hyuga had told Makoto that he wants to see her, Hyuga grumbled that he didn’t which frustrates Yoko. Hyuga claims Makoto want to focus on her career and he wanted to support her. Yoko scolded him for being an idiot and asked why he did not confess his feeling. Hyuga claimed that Makoto just stayed with him out of pity.

Makoto visits Wonder Wall and apologize for quitting. Yasuoka has become the president now as he showed his name card to Makoto. All her things were packed in the boxes except a photo frame which was missing. Yasuoka said he will return it to her once he found it. She wanted to return the keys but Yasuoka tells her to keep the keys.The prison guard hands Asahina today’s newspaper which reports Hyuga return to Next Innovation and promised to save the company. Asahina wondered what he is doing.

Makoto went back to the office and met Hyuga. They had a conversation about each other life. Hyuga confessed that this time he may not be able to save the company but Makoto reassured him that he can do it and she has always admire the team work of him and Asahina.  Makoto revealed that she will be posted oversea for job assignment. Hyuga was shocked and said that her work can be done by anyone and there is no need to go oversea. Makoto quarrel with Hyuga and left angrily.

Asahina sits in his prison and read the Newspaper about Next Innovation. The prison guard told him if he cares so much, why you don’t ask the man himself. Asahina goes out to see Hyuga and tells him to give up on Next Innovation. Hyuga said that he will wait for Asahina to return to Next Innovation. Feeling terribly sorry for what he had done, Asahina kneel down and apologized.

Hyuga called Makoto while she was napping, she had a shocked when she heard Hyuga voice. They talked about Asahina and how big the company became until Hyuga asked Makoto if she is able to come down to the office after work. Makoto said that she will go and meet him after she is done with her work. Hyuga hang up the phone and waited eager as he continue to do his work. The next day morning, Hyuga is still in his office, checking his phone. Makoto called Hyuga and come clean with her feelings. She told Hyuga that she does not want to meet him because she loves him too much till it is painful for her. Makoto ends the call and Hyuga stared at the phone looking confused. Makoto was given the opportunity to work in Brazil and she readily accepted it. She deleted the hand phone picture which Hyuga and her stood in front of Next Innovation.

Hyuga ran to Asahina for help as he could not understand why Makoto said that she love him too much that it hurts. Asahina laughed and said that he had not laugh for a long time. He guesses it is Makoto, which lead him to reveal that he was jealous of her. Because once she came, Hyuga had not asked him for advice anymore. When Hyuga said that he was disappointed in him, it hurts him. He reassured Hyuga that it was a thing that was in the past and if the same thing happens again, he will not be hurt anymore. Asahina lean forward and say he will teach Hyuga one more thing. He explained that Makoto merely wanted to know how he feels about her. Hyuga is still confused as Makoto does not want to see him. Asahina said that the rest, he got to figure it out himself. Before he leaves, he asked Hyuga how is Next Innovation. Hyuga asked him not to worry as he had found a solution. Asahina smiled wryly and said work still comes easy for Hyuga.

Hyuga met with JI Tech board of director and ask for the revival of Personal file project with a 500 million allocation. Next Innovation will not get any profit and their name need not be attached to the project. All he need is to borrow 500 million from JI Tech and when the board of directors became angry, he hides behind Yamagami who smiles. Hyuga further explained that this contract will last for 100 years as opposed to other technology which will obsolete after a few years. The JI tech president agrees to provide the money if he is able to do it. Hyuga promised to do it within 2 weeks. The Wonder Wall employees came back to Next Innovation to help as all the staffs were busy meeting the deadline with the project.

Yoko went to visit her brother at the prison and Yoko forgave her brother for all the mistakes. Makoto is moving out of her apartment and Haroko ask her to see Hyuga one more time before she leaves but Makoto said that he will not want to leave to Brazil if she see him. Itech finally signed a contract with Next Innovation for the collaboration of Personal file. The JI tech president said that 99.9% of the companies disappear within 30 years and he hope Hyuga will make miracle happen. Hyuga nods and bow down to the president.

Hyuga tell Asahina the success and see that he is contented. Hyuga also shares with him that he likes what he has become and candidly said that he change because of Makoto. The Next Innovation team hosts a party to celebrate the success of Personal file project. People ask if they could scribble on the wall and Hyuga ask them to go ahead. Hyuga sip a glass of wine looked around the office and think about the memories with Makoto here. Yasuoka asked Hyuga to give a speech and he ended up calling each of the employee names. He drunkenly said that he gotten a perfect score and thank all the staffs for helping him to be a better person and will not forget them before he passes out.

Yoko pass a glass of water to Hyuga and ask if he feels that he is missing someone. Makoto call Yasuoka and tells him she is at Wonder Wall and is heading to the airport, Makoto asked him for the picture of her and Hyuga. Yasuoka purposely spoke very loud and said that he could not find the picture and secretly hand the picture to Hyuga and gave him a jacket. Hyuga looked at the picture and gradually stood up and break into a run. Hyuga races to the Wonder Wall and Makoto apartment but she has left. In the end, he called the employees at Next Innovation to help to locate Makoto. Yasouka wake everyone up and started to search online. They were able to find out the place and the time of the flight.

Before Makoto board the plane, he looked at the phone with all the missed calls. Suddenly she heard Hyuga voice which says, “Didn’t you promise to always answer my phone call!” Makoto thought that it comes from the phone. Hyuga tells her not to move and that is when she realized that he is at the airport. Makoto leaves the line and starts to run around the airport. She finally stops running and Hyuga hands her the picture. Hyuga finally asked Mokoto what she means when she say that she likes him so much that it’s painful. Mokoto yells at him for not telling how he feels but asking her to stay. She calls him an idiot and that she is leaving!

Hyuga stops her and say that he like her but Makoto was unimpressed with his unfeeling declaration. Hyuga puts on his jacket and presented himself well saying, “Natsui Makoto, I like you so please stay by my side.” Makoto begins to cry and jabber about work and the distance before Hyuga pulls her in for a kiss. He tells her that the other side of the world is no big deal. He will find a way to bridge the distance and she can feel secure and go. Hyuga added that he could bridge the distance to see each other virtually but he could not bridge a kiss. Hyuga suggests they kiss now, Makoto smiles and nod. He lean in for a kiss and just before their lips touch, he pulls back in embarrassment. They smile at each other before they lean in to kiss again!

One year and nine months later, Asahina came back to Next Innovation and he writes a new note on the wall which says, “We can do it if we do it together.” Both of them fist bump again. Yasuoka and his office crush were married and that was a cute ending for them. Hyuga is talking online with Makoto and she is asking if Hyuga read the medical journal that she published. Hyuga is busy with other stuffs and Makoto can tell. Therefore, Hyuga ends the call with Makoto. Suddenly, he heard her voice saying, “You should not hang up the phone so abruptly!” Hyuga turns around and saw Makoto at the entrance as she peels the Brazil flag off her cheek. He smiled and welcomes her home and they hugged each other. The entire group took a group picture and hyuga hangs it up. He looked at the picture and said, “not bad.”

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