Monday, August 19, 2013

Rich Man, Poor Woman: Episode 9

Hyuga fall asleep and wakes up in a scream as he leaped off Makoto’s lap onto the sand. She asks if he is alright and he looked around and realized that they are at the beach side. He wondered how he could fall asleep in a place like this. Makoto sensed his anxiety, tried to tell him everything is fine and he could do many things in the future. In the middle of her speech, the wind blows a plastic bag on her face. She shrieks and Hyuga laughs and pull the plastic bag off and helps her wipe the sand off her face.

The laughter turns into silence as Hyuga lean closely to her face and it looks like they were about kiss when he stops. Hyuga pull himself away and commented that she has sands on her face. Makoto frantically wipe the sands off her face while hyuga said that they should head back home and if anyone saw them here will think that they were some silly couple spending their time at the beach. Makoto said that they have to draft out a plan for their future tomorrow and he agrees.

Hyuga took Makoto to a newly rented office and she realized that he had ordered three tables and chairs for the three employees but she does not have any. Hyuga replied that he did not know Makoto will come along. Makoto noticed the lease on the table and realized that the rent was expensive and Hyuga has no concept of money. Hyuga house and car belonged to the company and the accountant showed him just how much had left in the bank account. The only thing which he could sell is the motorbike and he asked the accountant how much can he get for selling it? Makoto opened the door of her apartment and was surprised to see Hyuga standing at the door with his suitcase and his Roomba. He asked to stay at her house and Makoto screeches, “What?”

Makoto and Hyuga walked to the temple and Hyuga said he must be insane to consider living with Makoto when he had another place to go. The priest is so happy that Makoto is by his side and mentioned that Hyuga mother abandoned him when he was young. It was only when he found a business partner then he begins to believe that he could rely on someone. Makoto wonders if he did trust and relied on her and the priest told her to go full stream to break down hyuga wall. Asahina met up with the big wigs of JI technology and compromised on their budget scheme. The engineers in Next Innovation were unsatisfied with the deal but Asahina said that their salary will increase if they agree to do what they were told to do. On the other hand, Yoko decided to move out of the house because she could not stand her brother.

Yoko met up with Hyuga with a thumb drive in her hand and handed it over to Hyuga. The thumb drive contains information of her brother misdeed and she felt guilty for not doing anything. Hyuga did not blame her and rejected the thumb drive. Yoko asked if he is not angry with his brother and Hyuga replied no for some reasons. Yoko stated that she thought Hyuga will be depressed after all that happened to him. Hyuga explained that he cannot be depressed for long as he has a fool that is following him right now.

Makoto looks at Hyuga balance and realized that he did not keep track on how much he spends. She immediately puts up signs and re-educate him the importance of saving money. Hyuga puts his head on the table and refused to follow the measures as it is too embarrassing for him. Makoto is not about to give up and forced him to pay attention to what she says. Hyuga agreed with what she says and requested to borrow a dollar from her to buy a pudding that is selling at half price at the store which is closing. Makoto received a call from her folk and she tried to reassure them that she had turned down the pharmaceutical company because she is doing business with someone and they are doing fine. She hangs up the phone when she saw Hyuga and asked if she could buy some beers.

Makoto was drunk and passes out and her phone rang, it was her mother calling her. Hyuga was dumbfounded when he saw the interface onscreen. He muttered in disgusted, “what is this piece of shit?” Asahina showed the new personal file interface to the ministry big wigs and only vice minister Fujikawa brings out that the new interface is just like any government website out there and the engineers looked embarrassed. She added, “This is what Next Innovation becomes, without Hyuga Toru.”

The staffs at Next Innovation gathered together and look sad as the painters were hired to paint over the wall. Asahina took the paintbrush paint the wall aggressively before breaking out into a fake smile and asked the employees to get back to work. He saw the address of Hyuga mother written by Makoto at the corner of the wall and took it down. Hyuga sat in the office doing nothing while Makoto keeps calling for jobs opportunities. Makoto went to the bank to check the balance and was surprised that her balance had increase dramatically. On the other hand, Yoko met Asahina near the building and knows that he is meeting up with Makoto. She overheard the address he gave the cab driver.

Makoto met up with Asashina to return the money to him and they had a little chat. Yoko looked for Hyuga again armed with the thumb drive which contained evidence; however, Hyuga does not care anymore. Yoko asked Hyuga to go to a new coffee shop and bring him to Makoto and Asahina meeting place. Hyuga froze on the spot as he saw the scene and refused to go when Yoko held his hand. Hyuga felt betrayed by Makoto and asked her to leave. Makoto cried as she wrote on pieces of papers and it was night time when Hyuga went back to the office and cried. However, he was in for a shocked when he saw pieces of papers pasted on the wall. It turns out that Makoto had met up with Fujikawa and she gave him a deadline of three days to complete the project.

The new personal file interface was introduced during the meeting and Yasuoka and the engineers were surprised that it was different from the original and guessed that Hyuga had program the system. The project was successful and Hyuga looked for Makoto at the subway train station. He tried to hide away when Makoto saw him. Eventually, they went back to the office merrily, only to discover that Yasuoka and the employees came back to help him. Hyuga wrote wonder wall on the wall and the motto is, “Money is important, yet we will not sell our souls.”

Hyuga led Makoto to a corner and showed her a piece of paper which says - I want to break down Hyuga Toro walls. He asked Makoto to be responsible for breaking the wall. Suddenly, they heard news of Asahina being arrested by the police on the television.

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