Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rich Man, Poor Woman: Episode 2

The next morning, Hyuga woke up and went to his parking garage and there were many vehicles for him to choose from. He picked the car which he drove the other day and saw a pair of black shoes. He disposed the shoes into the garbage bin. Sawaki decided to look for a new job and start anew when she realized that she had left the black shoes in Hyuga car. Hyuga met Asahima sister Yoko on the way to work as she was busy with the opening of her restaurant but he could not remember that they had met each other before.

At the lift, Asahina asked Hyuga if he wanted Sawaki to come back and meet Fujikawa. Hyuga replied,"call her if you wish, she will run like a good doggie." Asahina asked Hyuga," Did you hire her because of the name - Sawaki Chihuro?" Toru evaded the question and instead identified the simiarities between Sawaki Chihuro and Fujikawa.

The ecentric president Hyuga Toru dressed casually for a shareholders meeting and insisted that this is fashion. Yamagami advise him that he should dress smartly for the director meeting. After getting a call from New Innovation, Sawaki is back to the office and as usual, she was dressed in the job hunting suit.

Sawaki was sharing the lift with a group of men dressed formally, Hyuga dressed smartly for the meeting too. But he skipped the board of director meeting when she saw Sawaki and stated that he needs to discuss some matters with her. At the staff meeting, Hyuga openly mocked Sawaki for being an idiot and she was taken aback with his comments. However, this will only be known among themselves. Sawaki Chihuro was given the nickname - Clouds big shot by the colleagues for getting into the company and soaring high.

In a private room, Asahina asked Sawaki "when are you going to drop your pretense?" Sawaki stated that she will needs o stay and prove her capabilities. Asahina nodded his head and said that she need to prove to Hyuga not to look down on people with higher academic results. It turned out that he attended Tokyo University too.

Hyuga missed the board of director meeting and was angry when he overheard the directors commented that he has no common sense. Angered by their comments, he stated that the common sense is for 'common folks.' Before he could carry on, Yamagami shut the door and ushered the directors out.

Sawaki Chihuro was given a thick cheque for the temporary employment contract. Hyuga gave a stack of 'homework' for Sawaki to memorize before the briefing. In the car, Sawaki asked Hyuga for the pair of black shoes and he replied that he had thrown them away and gave her money instead. Sawaki was upset as the shoes meant a lot to her and has sentimental value.

Hyuga went to the temple to share his thoughts about his mother whom he missed with a priest. On the other hand, Sawaki went for a job interview and was pleased to know that she was accepted. Hyuga has been giving her the confidence and training which she needed. At the university campus, Fujikawa saw Sawaki with her friends and was suspicious of her.

Sawaki, Hyuga and Asahima went to Yoko restaurant and she prepared the egg omelet rice for Hyuga. She mentioned to Hyuga that they had met each other nine years ago when he was still a part-timer in T-shirt and jeans. Unfortunately Hyuga has no recollection. Standing at a corner, Nogi, the chef of the restaurant dislike Yoko.

Hyuga stayed late in the office to work on his programming. Sawaki brew a cup of coffee for him before she left. Hyuga tasted the coffee after she was out of sight. Fujikawa was angry when she found out that Sawaki is not an employee of Next Innovation and she is just a student in Tokyo University. The deal to cooperate was called off due to this incident.

Sawaki Chihuro was apologetic to Fujizawa but nothing she does changes her mind about the cooperation. Hyuga Toru approached her and introduces the proposal for the security system.

Hyuga Toru went to Tokyo University to look for Sawaki with the intention to apologize for causing her to miss the hiring interview and for being responsible for the lie. However, he came across as being mad at her and it frightens Sawaki initially. Hyuga Toru returned the black shoes to Sawaki and gave him the employee name badge. He told her, "Come to work tomorrow."

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