Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rich Man, Poor Woman: Episode 10

Yoko was hounded by the media outside the restaurant after Asahina was arrested by the authorities. She told them that her brother has nothing to do with this restaurant and refused to give any answer. Nogi told Yoko to take a break and he will manage the restaurant for the time being. Hyuga sat in the police station and was told that they have evidence of Asahina leaking the information of personal file through Tono. He had confessed to the crime and he does it because he wanted validation from hyuga.

Makoto pace around the office and waited for Hyuga to come back and even asked the other three to greet him brightly and act as though everything is fine. Hyuga come back and Makoto gave a mega smiles to welcome him back, so does the other three. The wonder wall foursome gathered around to watch a video in Yasuoka’s computer and worries about the current state of Next Innovation. Makoto changes the subject and tells everyone that they have a project to work on. Everyone gets back to work and leave the matters aside for the time being.

Yasuoka and the other two engineers looked on as Makoto gave lessons to Hyuga on how to converse with people politely and be patient in explaining things. Matoko even teach him how to smile as they were on their way to meet a client at a bookstore. Hyuga tries hard but he almost got the name of the client wrong and Makoto had to step in to help him. Afterward, he commented that working hard is so exhausting and he asked Makoto to rate his performance. Makoto gave him 75 since he almost got the client’s name wrong. Hyuga was a little disappointed, and Makoto tap his chin and said he will score perfect only when he has successfully completed the project.

Hyuga went to the detention facility to see Asahina but was told that he cannot see anyone associated with the case for 22 days. After Hyuga leave, the guard brings a book for Asahina to read while he stared out of the window. Hyuga and Makoto bows respectfully as a client leave and Hyuga asked Makoto how is his performance today. Makoto gave him 89 because he is not sincere when he bows so low. Hyuga explained that he is really trying hard and Makoto replied that he look the coolest now. Hyuga smiled at that comment. They ride a bus together on their way back and Makoto fall asleep on Hyuga shoulder.

Hyuga led a group of people in a departmental store and introduced new software for busy ladies to streamline their shopping for clothes. He has Makoto run to a booth and scans an image of her on the screen as a 3D model. Hyuga explained that this model allow women to stay at home and try out all the clothing from the store. He flips through the catalogue and dresses model Makoto in various outfits. The event was a success and the four employees gave him a thumb up. After that, Hyuga asked Matoko to join them for dinner which she decline. Before he runs back to the car, he turned and asked Makoto how she would grade him today. Makoto gave him 120 for being beyond perfect today. Hyuga smiled at her and gets into the car. Makoto walked through the offices of Wonder wall and those magazines features news about Hyuga Toru making a comeback through Wonder Wall.

Hyuga went to the detention facility to see Asahina and was told that Asahina does not want to see him. The guard brings a comic book on top of a newspaper to Asahina and asked him to read because he looks like he wants to die. Hyuga met with Yamagami at the coffee house and he asks Hyuga if he is willing to go back to Next Innovation. He bows his head and said that the company can only be save with Hyuga back. Hyuga declined and said that he has something else to protect now.

Makoto got a job at the laboratory and confide in her friend Haraku that she is not needed in Wonder Wall anymore now that the company is doing well. She cried on Haraku shoulders, explaining that it was painful for her to be around Hyuga because he is too amazing. Hyuga sat in Wonder Wall as the three employees talked about a Chinese firm wants to buy over Next Innovation at a cheap price. Hyuga asked if they will support him should he go back to revive Next Innovation. The employees looked shocked and he backtracks and says he is just joking.   

Hyuga got a text from Makoto stating that she is taking a vacation. It turned out that she is working in a laboratory at S-tel now. Hyuga tried to call her but she did pick up the phone. In the end, Hyuga went to Makoto place to look for her and was worried that he might be died in the house. He peeve through the windows and ran away when a woman looked at him suspiciously. Hyuga muttered in the temple room and stated that he hates having personal interactions with people because this is what happens.  The monk said that he had accepted Makoto despite it all. Hyuga confesses that he just want to see her face.

Yoko and Hyuga met each other on the train and have short chat. Hyuga need to look for someone and Yoko is taking a break, thus they coincidentally board the same train. During the conversations, they talked about Asahina and how he refused to see any visitor. Old memories struck Asahina and Hyuga as they remember the time when they were so happy building Next Innovation together. Asahina realized that he was crying when he wipe away the tears. Yoko asked Hyuga if she could visit Makoto family with her as she wants to help.

Makoto is at the lab and she asked her supervisor does the work she does helps to improve people life and her supervisor said yes. Back at Makoto hometown, Yoko and Hyuga were treated to a feast. The family revealed that Makoto graduated from college but won’t get a job and insisted on starting a business with a guy. They were worried about Makoto and her mother said that she must really like that guy a lot. Hyuga did not say anything but was clearly affected.

Yoko asked if Hyuga will not go and visit his mother now that he was here. Hyuga replied that she would not recognize him now that he had grown up and his name was changed when he was adopted at the orphanage. Suddenly, Hyuga’s mother returns to the restaurant and open the store for them. She cooked a plate of omurice as Hyuga ate quietly. For a moment, it looks like Hyuga mother recognize him, however, she only recognize him as an amazing business man in Tokyo.

At the train station, Hyuga revealed that it is okay that his mother did not recognize him and he is glad that his mother looks good. He doesn’t know why he is so fixated on finding her all these years. Yoko pointed out that he has someone else that he is looking for and that is Makoto. Hyuga nodded and Yoko smiles at how honest he is. He thanked Yoko for taking this trip with him and he had made up his mind for a decision. Sakaguchi met the three employees at Wonder wall and said that Hyuga asked him for help. The employees grumbled that Hyuga is going back to Next Innovation and left them here. Sakaguchi tells them that they cannot continue relying on Hyuga.

Hyuga went to S-tel and saw Makoto at the carpark. He revealed that he tried every means and ways to find her. Makoto asked why did he made those effort and he has a hard time come clean so he make the excuse that his employee went missing and he was just concerned. They both have something important to say to each other. Hyuag mentioned that he is going back to Next Innovation and he has someone he wants to see. Makoto said that she is working in the lab from now onwards and she could not keep her promise never to leave him. Hyuga pretend to play it cool and lie to her that he did not take it seriously either. Makoto said the person you are waiting for is Asahina, right? Makoto said that he will be able to see Asahina again. Makoto bids farewell to Hyuga as she returned to the lab. In the end, both of them turned their back and walked away.

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