Monday, August 19, 2013

Rich Man, Poor woman: Episode 7

Next Innovation issued out an email to stop operation. The staffs were supposed to enjoy their unexpected holidays at the beach but they felt weird as they were supposed to be working. Makoto was still worried about the company and was hilariously mistaken as a local there. Next Innovation is reported on the news and many people were talking it. Makoto looked at the missed calls on the hand phone, while the rest get ready to go back. In the end, they decided to go back to the company and help out in the situation.

Asahina talked about the cash flow problems and the suspension of business. He revealed to Hyuga that he like Makoto although she rejected him. Hyuga replied that it does not matter to him. Yasuako and the staffs came back to the office to work after their short break. Makoto apologized to Hyuga for the missed calls and promised to bring her hand phone everywhere she goes. Hyuga was depressed with the whole situation and Makoto encouraged him by stating that he is not only surrounded only by enemies and there are people who will follow him. Hyuga replied that the option out of this situation is endless.

Hyuga talked to Asahina that he intends to compensate all the people who are affected by this incident. Even to the expense of selling some of his shares to raise 500 million for the compensation, he saw the need to rebuild public confidence of the company. Makoto received a phone call from a pharmaceutical institute to go for an interview as researcher. Receiving the job offer means an employment opportunity but Makoto is not really happy about it because she has five more days to work in Next Innovation. On the other hand, Yoko and the chef Nogi opened cookery classes to recover the loss of the Restaurant and was met with good results.

Yoko met Makoto near the restaurant and dragged along for a drink. It was an awkward situation as they arrived at the pub and met Hyuga and Aashina. They sat down together and Yoko announced that Makoto will be working in a pharmaceutical company. Hyuga wished her all the best for her next venture in the company. However, Makoto was confused as her heart desire to follow President Hyuga. Visibly touched by her words, Hyuga turned around and told her not to place her future in a stake of emotions and that she should not be confused.

Yoko accidentally discovered her brother plot to ruin Hyuga and was shocked by the discovery. The stock market of Next Innovation shot up and Hyuga felt that the timing is right to bring up personal file to the board of directors again. Although, the compensation matter was settled but the board of directors was unhappy with their loss and voted to cast Hyuga out as a president. Instead, Asahina was nominated as the president of Next Innovation.

Unable to deal with the blow, Hyuga locked himself in the room. News leaked out in the company and Hyuga was dismissed from the company. On the other hand, asahina rejoiced with the news as Hyuga held a press conference and officially stepped down as President of Next Innovation.

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