Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rich Man, Poor Woman: Episode 1

A mysterious man lay down on a vacant room. He was using his hand phone to search for a name -Sawaki Chihuro, but no entry was found. Dejected, he placed his phone down. Shortly after, he received a notification message and he gave a wide smile. It turned out that he is President Hyuga Toru. His business partner Asahina was looking for him at Los Vegas and he received a message from Hyuga which stated that he is fine. Back in Japan, Asahina has a three way phone call with Toru and the finance Mangaer Yamagami. Hyunga suggested acquiring Power Trunk but Yamagami disagree, while Asahina laughed. Hyuga took that as a sign to  go ahead with his plan and brought the shares.

Hyuga rode his motorbike to the office and was pleased to know that he had made a wise decision with the shares. He was greeted by his personal assistant on the way to his office as he reports to him his schedules. Suddenly, Hyuga  looked at him and asked, “who are you?" It seems that he did not remember him despite numerous encounters.

Next, we were introduced to Next Innovation - a three billion stock market value IT enterprise. This is a listed company which makes lots of money and the media were interested to find out more about the environment. The reporter took a tour around the company and introduces the CEO of Next Innovation. He is Hyuga Toru, 29 years old and a billionaire.

In contrast to the highly successful Toru, There is a lady that was still struggling with finding a job. She is a college student at Tokyo University. After numerous interviews and rejections, she was still trying hard to get a job. Hyuga had a meeting with his partners as he revealed his plan to create a management system for the government to track the pension for all citizens. This three years project will store personal data which will benefit the citizens to get the pensions they deserved.

His business partner Asahina reveals that Hyuga had a medical condition and he could not recognize people faces and names. During rest time,  Hyuga surprisingly found the name he had been looking for in the website but there is no picture. On the other hand, the lady decided to find out more about the recruitment session in Next Innovation after her friends recommendation. She decided to give it a try and use the remaining money that she had to buy a pair of shoes for the interview.

Hyuga gave a speech on stage and asked everybody why they were here but he was not satisfied with all the answer. Subsequently, it was her turn to answer the question but her answer does not satisfy Toru and he dismissed her in front of everyone. Hyuga wanted those who did not receive any job offer to leave the place to the dismay of the people who attended the talk. She turned around to leave as she was ridiculed for being the victim of Japanese Education system. She slipped on the steps and the black shoes dropped off.

Agonized, she begins to recite the background of Next Innovation and confronted Toru. He admired her rebellious heart as it is the main source for making changes. Toru called her Miss Tokyo University, to which she replied, “My name is Sawaki Chihuro.” Toru was surprised by her reply as he recalled the name which she found on the website. He said, “I will remember your name but not your face.”

Back in the office, he was discussing about the project with his counterparts and he decided to use Sawaki Chihuro to bring the proposal to a female politician. Sawaki  was called to Next Innovation and everyone was shocked when Hyuga called out her name.  Sawaki was given informations about the lady they are going to approach and she was asked to memorize everything. Hyuga and Asahina started the company together and Asahina understand Hyuga obsession over things that he like.

Sawaki  reported to work dressed in black.  Hyuga was displeased with her dressing and he took her for a make over. After the transformation, she looked stunning in the outfit. They went to the building to look for the politician. She was able to present herself well in front of the vice president Fujikawa. At one point, she even helped Hyuga when he had forgotten a politician name. However, Sawaki made a blunder remark about the previous security system, unknown to her that the vice president Fujikawa was part of the team. It almost destroyed their initial plan if Hyuga did not step out to resolve the issue. Nonetheless, Chihuro was blamed for the mistake which may ruin their plans.

After cooling down, Hyuga turned around to look for Chihuro but she had left with Asahina in the car. Asahina turned to Chihuro and asked, " Who are you? your name is not Sawaki Chihuro.”

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