Monday, August 19, 2013

Rich Man, Poor woman: Episode 8

Hyuga finally knows that Asahina was the mastermind behind all these and was greatly betrayed by him. Makoto was supposed to go for the final interview at the Pharmaceutical institute but she stopped at the big screen where Hyuga announced that he is stepping down as President in Next Innovation.

The personal file project was taken away from Hyuga and he refused to let go of the project. On the other hand, Asahina spoke to the staffs as the newly appointed president of Next Innovation. Makoto wanted to help Hyuga pack his stuffs in the office but Hyuga asked her to leave him alone. However, he was concerned about Makoto interview at the company and was glad that Makoto found a job in an established company.

Yasuoka and the other two other engineers that were involved in the personal file met in a conference room secretly to discuss who they want to follow. Suddenly, the door opened and Hyuga stood there with a brilliant smile and thank them for unlocking the personal file for him. He invited all of them to jump onboard his ship. Makoto walked past the conference room and Hyuga pulls and grab Makoto in a headlock. He declared that Makoto is joining in too but Makoto tried to deny that as Hyuga covered her mouth. Yasuoka said that if Hyuga can call his name, he will follow him. Hyuga struggled to figure out his name but failed in the end. Despite that, the team decided to follow Hyuga and planned to announce it during the farewell party.

Makoto met Yoko and talk about catering foods for the farewell party. On the other hand, Asahina met Hyuga at the lift lobby. Asahina asked why is he not carrying anything and Hyuga replied that he does not need to take anything. Before he left, Asahina asked him to return the name badge to him. Hyuga turned around tossed it back to him before leaving.

It was Hyuga farewell party and everybody eagerly waited for Hyuga to make his entrance. A video was shown on the projector regarding how Next Innovation started out. Hyuga was giving his farewell speech when Asahina approached with a big bouquet of flowers. He stated that he had taken back Personal file and command Hyuga to leave before he call the security guards. Hyuga burst out in anger and threw the projector on the Next Innovation wall. He turned and asked Yasuoka and the two engineers to leave but they decided to stay put because the Personal file is in Asahina hands now. Asahina apologized for ruining the party and asked Yoko to refill the wine, only to receive a big slap on the cheek. Yoko replied that she will bring the wine only because that is her job.

Hyuga turned and saw Makoto crying and he ran out of the place. Makoto chased after him and wanted to stay with him. At the elevator, Hyuga hang his head down and said that does not want Makoto to see his current state and he forced the door to close. While waiting for the next elevator, Asahina hold Makoto back and Makoto clearly stated that she will not stay here and will follow Hyuga because she likes him. Makoto managed to stop the motorbike that Hyuga was riding and declared that this is not an impulse decision based on emotion and she will follow Hyuga everywhere he goes.

Hyuga asked her to get on the bike as he drove out of the building. They stopped at the roadside while waiting for a bunch of kids to cross the street. Makoto noticed that Hyuga looked at the building and suggested to pose for a picture right in front of that building. Makoto dragged him out of the bike and took a picture using her hand phone camera. Hyuga turned around and stared at the building calmly, he said that this building was once his everything. Makoto nodded and replied, “I know.”

Hyuga smirks and put on the helmet for Makoto and pulled her arms tightly around his waist, and go they go. Makoto smiled brightly as the wind blows and even Hyuga appears to have his sparkle back in his eyes under the helmet.

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