Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Rich Man Poor Woman: Episode 3

Sawaki was on her way to the office when she saw Hyuga drove Yoko to work in his motorbike. Sawaki and Yoko met each other in an awkward manner and Yoko explained that she met Hyuga by chance. At the office, Hyuga was having an interview at the conference room and Sawaki was standing outside holding the documents in her hand. Asahina discovered her and asked her to come in. Sawaki overheard that Hyuga was a orphan and was abandoned by his family. He claimed that he does not want to meet his family members now.

Sakwaki went to Hyuga office and was given a name card placed on the desk. Sawaki left the office with the name card in her hand as she recalled a few years ago, she went to a restaurant after a failed interview. Over there she met a lady boss that has the name Sawaki Chihiro. They had a chat and the lady boss mentioned that she does not want to see her son again. On that same day, she met Hyuna and he was still a nerdy looking guy who had not made it rich yet. She did not tell him that she had met a person called Sawaki Chihiro. Hyuga was looking for his mother but was dejected when he couldn't find her.

Hyuga could not remember his personal assistant Yasuoko. He used all sort of method such as writing his name on a board to jolt his memory. There was an employee in the company that does not perform well and they need to fired that person. Asahina being the supposedly good guy that clear up Hyuga mess helps to persuade that employee to leave the company. Asahina went to Hyuga office and reported that the employee had leave the company willingly. The game programmer Sakaguchi was on the verge of being fired because of his lack of creativity in creating games. He had difficulty creating new games and Sawaki noticed his frustration. Finally, he presented the game which he invented to Hyuga but was criticized for his work. In a fit of anger, Sakaguchi resigned and packed his belongings. Asahina had a talk with him and was upset when Sakaguchi said that he is a coward who always hide behind Hyuga.

Sawaki was rather sad to see Sakaguchi name cards dump into the rubbish bin. The employees feeling the stress used various methods to spur creativity.  Hyuga rode a bike and headed to the working area to the surprise of everyone. Sawaki said to Hyuga that Sakaguchi admires him and he had lost his confidence in creating games, therefore, he needed Hyuga to give him encouragement. However, Hyuga remains indifferent and left.

Sawaki and Asahina were talking at a pub and Asahina asked her when she going to reveal her real identity. Sawaki was shocked and she replied that she will tell Hyuga about her lie when the opportunity arise. On the other hand, Hyuga went to a furniture shop and he intent to buy a wooden table. However, the sales assistant said that the table was already sold to a customer. The person who purchased the table turned out to be Yoko. Hmm.. Could they have similar taste too?

The both of them went to the pub and coincidentally met Asahina and Sawaki. They sat down together in a table. The next day, Saguchi gave a thumb drive to Sawaki and ask her to pass it to Hyuga for comment. Since he was once an outstanding game programmer, he need the affirmation of a genius to carry on. Sawaki presented the game to Hyuga as agreed and revealed that Saguchi need his affirmation. Hyuga nodded and agreed that Saguchi was a good programmer. Sawaki requested Hyuga to boast Saguchi morale since she also experience the lack of confidence.

Saguchi looked for Hyuga in the office, while Sawaki and Aashina observe from a corner. Hyuga told Saguchi to start his own business and his ideas are good. Saguchi looked at the words which he wrote on Next innovation wall and was inspired to carry on. Hyuga complimented his effort and that gave Saguchi the confidence to the delight of Sawaki. He was moved and thanked Hyuga. Aashina who observed from afar was surprised by his reaction. With the door closed, Hyuga seem to be pleased with himself for being cool. Sawaki met Hyuga at the restaurant and she tried to come clean with him about her real identity but could not muster up the courage to do so.

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