Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode Guide (Complete) & Review

Given the title of the show – Rich Man, Poor Woman, I do not find it appealing enough for me to watch it at first. However, I was wrong about this drama because this is easily one of the best Japanese dramas in recent years. Honestly, I had lost interest in jdorama after Hana Yori Dango and Nodame Cantabile. The Korean wave is too strong and I decided to jump to Korean drama after some time. In the end, when I decided to watch Rich Man, Poor Woman, it is purely because of Oguri Shun as that is the only face I recognized onscreen.

Talking about the story line, I find that it was written very well and the story unfolds itself at a good pace. Perhaps, it is my preference for romance-comedy drama that is why I was easily attracted to the charm of the leads and the cute storyline. It helps that the story is simple to understand and nothing too dramatic that is hard to swallow. With only 11 episodes, it was easy to follow the story development and the transformation of the characters. However, I wish there are more episodes to show us some side stories of Yasuoka and his bride. It was interesting to know how they get hitched and eventually gets married. Yoko and the Chef should have their own mini story too.

Just when I thought that I know the characters well, the next moment there is a drastic change. For instance, people like Asahina can swing to the extreme when he became the villain. That was a little bit shocking because I do not expect him to transform so dramatically just because of jealousy. I wondered does jealousy leads to a green eye monster which destroy everything?

This drama does not focus too much on complicated love story. Everything is straight to the point and we know that the main leads like each other but do not know how to express themselves. The siblings Aashina and Yoko were thrown into the love triangle conveniently to create some conflicts. Basically, they posed no threats to damage the main leads relationship. The only thing is that Hyuga and Makoto need to figure it out themselves and stop playing ‘tango’ with each other.

The storyline also touched on dreams, loyalty and brotherhood which make it more interesting to watch. I basically do not find any dull moment during the show and it just gets more exciting and emotional towards the end. The idea of scribbling on the wall is refreshing, the furnitures and props used in this drama is another highlight. I think that is a nice working environment. Don't you think so?

Ratings: 10/10

OST - Hikari e

Miwa is a Japanese singer that wrote and sang the Original Sound track. I simply love this song no matter fast or slow version and it is so catchy. The lyrics itself is meaningful and matches the drama so well. I know that she specially wrote this song for Rich Man, Poor Woman. This OST score a perfect 10 and we can hear her songs many times during the show.

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