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Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York

A man was walking through a warehouse in New York, holding a cell phone to access to live translator. He is Hyuga the president of Next Innovation; he is here to buy some hard disks from a US company.  The manager turned him down and even sneers that Japan is no longer leading in technology.  Hyuga was terrible pissed with that remark. Makoto gave an impressive presentation in English on her latest research and she is no longer the uncertain college graduate. As she walked out a colleague complimented her and she beamed.  She hopped onto a cab and took out her tablet to show the cabbie where she wants to go. She tell the man to hurry as her man is waiting for her there.

Makoto stood in the middle of the Times Square and tried to call Hyuga but he did not answer the phone. Suddenly, she heard a voice and she turned around to find him standing behind her. Makoto beams and drop everything and run to him. He tells her to pick up her stuffs, grab her hand and off they go. They walked hand in hand together at the famous landmark in New York City. Makoto even fed him a doughnut and bite it at the same time. As Makoto buys some coffee, Hyuga complimented that she looks different and is more confident. Makoto beams at that compliments and placed the cup of coffee on Hyuga cheek.

While they were walking along the street, Hyuga informed her that he needs to catch a flight to Boston later on. Makoto said that Huyga look attractive when he is working but Hyuga noticed that she is reluctant to let him go. He pulls Makoto in for a hug. It’s night time when they part, Makoto heading off in a cab, while Hyuga stood there under the rain with an umbrella seeing her off. After some time, Hyuga is back in Toyko and was seen seated with a brunch of beautiful ladies at a restaurant to celebrate the launch of new software. The ladies toasted him with champagne, when they suddenly shriek and run away.

Hyuga took a sip of champagne, only to spill it out when he saw a horror movie like Makoto lurking behind him. Makoto lurches forward and shows him her tablet where she found an article about where he was going tonight. She pokes him back that IT is so useful.  Turns out that Makoto has a week of vacation because the company is closed for carnival, therefore she is back in town. Makoto walks into Next Innovation and greets everyone cheerfully. When she knows that Yasuoka is getting married to Risa, she is happy for them. Makoto mentioned that she is looking for a cheap hotel to stay, both Yasuoka and Risa pushed her to stay with Hyuga who have no choice but to agree.

Makoto was shocked to see an almost empty apartment with little furniture and household appliances. Hyuga proudly shows her the perfect fridge and the table which he took a long time to decide to buy. Makoto was bundled up in a sleeping bag, while Hyuga was sleeping on the sofa. She complained and Hyuga picked her up and placed her on the sofa while he sleeps on the floor. Makoto asked him to unzip her as she could not believe that she is so close to Hyuga. He unzips her and they lean on each other forehead before they hugged each other. Hyuga woke up in the morning and was freak out by the mess which Makoto made. She is making breakfast and has her appliances on his countertop. He went to the bathroom and was freak out by the cute bear towel hanging on the towel hanger. He finally snapped when Makoto dirty his perfect pan and screamed at Makoto bad habits. Makoto points out that Hyuga habits are the abnormal ones.

Asahina was out of prison and he found a job at an IT company. Yoko beg him to come back home but he refused and said that he like his simple life now. Hyuga had a meeting with the JI Tech big wigs and disagree with their approach. Makoto visits Yoko at a new restaurant where she is working; she aims to save more money to open her restaurant. Nogi was clearly unhappy about it and wished that she is still working with him. Hyuga held a staff meeting at Next Innovation and tells his IT team to find a way to keep the system secure. However, his team complained that it is too hard and JI Tech has already decided on P-box system. Hyuga was disappointed that the staffs does not want to do it because it is too difficult for them. Hyuga suddenly got an idea.

Asahina reads in the Newspaper that Next Innovation is revolting over him coming back to the company, which baffled him. Hyuga found him and asked him to return to Next Innovation and that they could start all over again. Asahina declined and stated that he could not return to Next Innovation. Hyuga revealed that the employees at Next Innovation do not want to challenge themselves because of all the difficulties. Asahina asked if Hyuga wants to give up Next Innovation, and Hyuga said that they could start all over again in this rundown apartment. Asahina said no, this would mean that they will be doing the same thing over again.

 Hyuga needs to gather the people with different points of view to do the same thing. Next Innovation is so big now. Is Hyuga afraid of facing a future he can’t predict? Hyuga wanted to change the world when he had nothing, now that he has everything so how can he run away. Asahina tells Hyuga to try hard now, Hyuga agrees and walk away but he turn back to him and said that Asahina is the one that is takes it easy and run away. Hyuga offered Asahina his fist bump but he does not take it.

Makoto went to the company headquarter and was informed that the company could be acquired by an American company and she might have to move to Boston for work. Makoto was confused and does not know what to do. Hyuga comes home and washed his face. He naturally reaches for her face towel to dry his face and stares in horror at the cute bear design. He discusses with Makoto about attending Yasuoka wedding and Makoto asked him to choose an outfit for the wedding as she has nothing to wear.

They went to a boutique for makeover and despite all the clothing Makoto tries on, they were unsuitable for her. In the end, Hyuga picked a pink jumpsuit for her. Initially, Makoto was wary of the design as this is not her style. In turns out that she look good in the pink jumpsuit and Hyuga agrees. Makoto is at home and watches Hyuga as he falls asleep on the sofa. In the end, Makoto decided to quit her job and stay with Hyuga.  When Makoto goes to quit her job, her bosses deride her for thinking that she became arrogant after working in the company for just one year and delivered one presentation.

Hyuga’s team protested when he requested the team to do beyond JI Tech expectation. They find it a waste of time and were too difficult for them. Hyuga went back home in a foul mood. When Makoto talk to her about her company situation, he cuts her off and started to bitch about how employees just need to do whatever they are told to do, instead of doubting their leader. This rubbed Makoto in the wrong way since she is still thinking about the put down by her bosses. She is disappointed that after what Hyuga went through, he still has not learned to be more understanding of other people. They argued which leads to Hyuga muttering that it is better when they were apart.

Makoto leaves the apartment and met Asahina who happened to be around that area. Asahina took her to a comic store and they sit down in a reading room for a chat. Makoto shares about her relationship woe with Asahina and he assured her that she is the only one that Hyuga’s need in his life. He also mentioned that Hyuga does not have a closet to store his memories after his mother abandoned him. Just then, Aashina was called for work and he took Makoto to Yoko house to spend the night.

Since Yoko lives with her parents now, Makoto have to move in with Risa. She shared about the argument with Hyuga and Risa offered to let her sit next to Hyuga so that they can make up. Makoto leave a note saying that she is leaving and will be back for the wedding. It’s wedding day and Hyuga was called up to prepare his best man speech. But then Hyuga was called back to work.  At the wedding, Yoko was preparing at the kitchen with Nogi. They were bickering and Yoko said that it will be better for him to confess his feeling rather than picking a fight. The wedding guests seated down to watch a video of greeting by Hyuga. In the video, he thanked Yasuoko for sticking with him during his lowest point. Makoto was clearly unhappy that Hyuga was not in the wedding and he did not mention about her.

Hyuga argue his point against the P-box to a panel of JI Tech management and screams that they are all about profit at the expense of innovation. He wanted to make Personal file into open source software in every phone, so that it is accessible to everyone at the tip of their finger. The president of JI tech was impressed with his drive and passion and tells his team to source for the makers of cell phone and get their buy in for this software. Hyuga finally make it to the wedding and sits awkwardly next to Makoto. They watched the newly wed perform a song and dance routine and wonders will they ever be like them. Makoto who is drunk laughed at the absurdity of it. Hyuga tells Makoto that they are just too different and he asks to break up. Makoto cries but did not say no.  Later, she was sobbing in the plane on the way to Boston.

Hyuga tells his Next Innovation team that JI tech has agreed to put Personal file on tablet phone and if anyone does not want to do it, they don’t belong to the company. Asahina reads in the newspaper about the expanded personal file mobile project and finds Yoko to get back all his belongings. Makoto is at work in the Boston company, when she received a call from Yoko who asked why did she purposely turned off her hand phone and why did she broke off with Hyuga. Makoto puts on a brave front and stated that they never dated and their relationship is more of comrades working together. Hyuga walks back to his empty apartment and says, “This is my room.”

Hyuga goes to New York City and back to that company and try to buy the hard disks. He is once again rudely refused when Asahina came to the rescue and tells hyuga not to buy it. He reveals that JI tech has a division working on a making double the capacities of the hard disks that sells here. As Asahina and Hyuga walk out of the factory, the Americans demand to know who he is and Hyuga announce that Asahina is his partner. Hyuga and Asahina stood at the Battery Park city and chat. Hyuga points out that their company has thrived on not making any hardware but Asahina said that things change and they need to enjoy an unpredictable world. Hyuga smiles and agree that they have to see from a different view, that is when pointed out that Asahina has changed and Asahina says that he wants to live differently now.

Makoto gets a series of texts from everyone at Next Innovation telling her Hyuga is going to be in Boston. Then, she receives a video text from Risa that shows all the NG videos Hyuga make for the wedding. Hyuga can’t bring himself to wish the newlyweds happiness because he doubts two strangers can live together blissfully forever. He went on to talk about his relationship woe with Makoto and how he does not want to hurt her. Makoto break down and cried, not knowing what to do now since she saw the video.

Hyuga walks through Boston and thinks Makoto lives in this city and he might see her somewhere. He turned around and saw Makoto stumbling around looking for the company he was visiting. Hyuga cough to get her attention and they sat in a restaurant for a chat. He asked her how did she knew where to find him and she says that she found him through GPS but Hyuga says that he turned it off. Finally, Makoto admitted that she find him to ask what him means about them being different and why did he say he likes her and ask her to stay by his side.

Hyuga grumbles that she made him say that and Makoto yelled that he is a bastard before she stood up and walked away. But Hyuga stops her and stared at her face for a long time and Makoto was bewildered. She asked him what he wants and he said that he just want to look at her face and that she can go now. Makoto cries and said that she thinks about him and missed all the times they spent together. She said that she can change and requested Hyuga to change himself too. Makoto added that Hyuga will not change himself no matter what. Hyuga said that he did not response and Makoto said that he said before that he can’t change.

Hyuga agreed that he said that and the person is a bastard and a coward that clings on to comfortable things. Makoto was stunned and confused by what he said, Hyuga stood up and leans in for a kiss before saying that he will change for Makoto. This make Makoto cries and ask him to call her first name, but Hyuga refused and left the restaurant leaving Matoko screeching that it is not enough. Hyuga sits in the plane and received a text message from Makoto vowing to fill his closet with love. Looking at the phone, Hyuga smiled and said that his closet will be messy from now. He took out a note left by Makoto, snap a picture of it and store it inside his personal file before he drifted off to sleep with a smile.

Back to the ending scene in the last episode when Asahina came back to work and Makoto transferred back to Tokyo. This time Hyuga invited her to his house and said that now she is allowed to hang a towel on the rack but it can’t be cute little bears. She goes to the bathroom and notices a hand towel hanging on the towel rack. Hyuga tosses her a bathroom towel and says that this is for Makoto to use.  Makoto went gaga at the first time he called her by her first name and launches herself at him. Makoto pulls him in for a kiss and asked him to say her name again.  Hyuga grudging complies and she adorably calls him Toru. Hyuga says, “One more time.” They embrace and the ending says, “The end… is the next beginning.

Drama Review

Oh, how I missed this drama and really hope that there is a second season for this dorama. I like how the story focuses on Hyuga and Makoto differences and how they worked things out in the end. This is like a real life situation whereby two strangers with different personalities were placed together and they need to change themselves to compromise each other living habits. I am glad that this drama touched on real life issue and not some fairy tales story about living together ever after without any obstacles or problems.

Actually, I did wonder in real life, is there somebody like Hyuga who practically leave in an almost empty apartment when he can afford to buy anything. Nonetheless, it shows a drastic contrast between Hyuga and Makoto who had different background, experience and personalities. Two extremely different people living together are nearly impossible. I am glad that people have a choice to either change or remain stagnant.  Hyuga making the choice to change for Makoto sake shows that he really love her and is willing to change for her.

This special episode explained about how Asahina redeemed himself and earned a place for himself at Next Innovation. I like the changes with Asahina and how he wants to start over again, living a different life. After all that happens, he is too ashamed to go back to Next Innovation and even having to face the generosity of Hyuga make him feels so small. I am really glad that Asahina bounce back and helps Hyuga at the American company. It is a heartwarming sight to see them getting back together to change the world and to embrace an unpredictable world that keeps changing.

However, I do not understand how Hyuga overcome his medical condition – Prosopagnosia (Face blindness). That could be because he now makes the effort to recognize people and name. The other flaw in this drama is the Brazil sticker on Makoto face when he met Hyuga at the Next Innovation. I thought she is supposed to be back from Boston? Anyway, this drama is too cute for me to get bothered over some small little details.

I am also satisfied with the small story between Nogi and Yoko. They were sort of cute whenever they bicker and Yoko knows that Nogi likes her. They really make another adorable pair other than Hyuga and Makoto. On the other hand, Yasuoka and Risa were an example of incompatible couple in term of physical appearances. However, they are able to click with each other and ended up getting married.
This is an inspirational drama about how the main characters overcome obstacles in their life and grow to become a better person. Without any conflicts and heartache, life is like a fairytale which is unrealistic. I like the way the story focused on problems in work and in personal issues and how they stay positive and make tomato juice out of all the tomatoes thrown to them in life. The ending when Hyuga finally make baby steps to change, I felt so touched that he is making the effort. Overall, this drama has been an enjoyable ride and I will always remember this drama for being so awesome. :)

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