Monday, August 19, 2013

Rich Man, Poor woman: Episode 6


We saw a flashback of 48 hours before the incident, Hyuga drove Yoko back and he declined the offer by Yoko to go to her house. Makoto was trying to forget what he saw in the restaurant when her friend called her to come out. Makoto was surprised that it was a matchmaking session and she was the substitute for another friend who could not make it. Makoto imitate a commercial advertisement and make a funny face about bake bean to the laughter of the people around. Makoto saw Hyuga and mistook his intention to come for the matchmaking session. It turned out that Hyuga had ordered gifts for the shareholders and went personally to collect them at the restaurant.

Makoto helped to carry the bags to the car and offered to be there whenever Hyuga needed someone to cheer him up. Makoto drove Asahina back home and was teased for driving too slow. At the car park, a mysterious person awaited him. Asahina surprisingly hugged Makato and blocked her view. Makoto was surprised and confused by that gesture.

The mysterious person is Tono and all the puzzles fall into pierces as we were introduced to Tono who was the third person who joined their group as an investor, during the initial stage. However, he asked to get back his share after Hyuga and Asahina refused to sell their small company. Soon after, the small company began to earn more money that is when they moved to a bigger place now known as Next Innovation. Jealous of their success, Tono work with Asahina to bring Hyuga down.

Back to the present, now Hyuga have to think of ways to settle the problem of hacking system. The staffs were under investigation regarding the leaking of information and many were unsatisfied. Staffs were suspicious of Makoto as she previously used a false identity to enter Next Innovation. Hyuga held an emergency meeting and Makoto volunteered to help out as much as she can during the temporary contract period. Asahina reminded her not to get too involve in this situation. On the other hand, Yoko was facing problems at her work place too.

Hyuga held a conference to address the problem and the shareholders were still unsatisfied. The crowd was angry with him and the whole situation whereby their money was lost. A lady even threw tomatoes on him as he exit from the stage, disgraced and humiliated.

Asahina reprimanded Hyuga at his desk and called him a selfish brat for using personal file as an attempt to connect to his mother. Makoto overheard their conversation outside the office as Hyuga remained silent. His shirt was still strained with tomato juice while the staffs were dismayed with the plummet of stocks.

Makoto quietly approached Hyuga and gave him a towel, while Hyuga talked about his stubbornness to create personal file and that he used the wrong method. Makoto and Asahina went to the Ministry of Internal affair to explain the situation. After they came back, Hyuga was not in the office anymore. Makoto intend to call Hyuga but was stopped by Asahina. They stayed back in the office to complete the lists for investigation to the inspector.

Hyuga feeling depressed called Makoto but the phone went unanswered because she left it in the office. Hyuga was disappointed that Makoto did not answer her phone and called her a liar woman On the other hand, Asahina expressed his love for Makoto and she was shocked. The doorbell rang and Hyuga rushed to open the door, only to see Yoko standing at the door step. They had a chat and Yoko offered to cook for him. Suddenly, the phone rang and Hyuga got up to answer the phone but was stopped by Yoko who kissed him on the lips. The phone kept on ringing while Hyuga and Yoko kissed.  

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