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Hong Kong TVB interview with Running Man Gary, HaHa, Kim Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin

This was an interview at Hong Kong TVB J2 Channel which aired on 22 July 2013. The followings are the conversations which were translated into English. The host is Shermaine and she tried speak in Korean during the conversation.

Shermaine: Today we are happy and honored to invite the popular Korean variety Show Running Man four hosts to have a chat with us. Hello, nice to meet you.
Running Man: Hello!
Shermaine: Please introduce yourself
Gary: Hello, I am the sudden commander Kang Gary. Nice to meet everyone.
Kim Jong Kook: Hello, I am commander Kim Jong Kook. Nice to meet everyone.
HaHa: Hello, I am Haroro HaHa. Nice to meet everyone.
Ji Suk Jin: Hello, I am Race Starter Ji Suk Jin. Nice to meet everyone.
Shermaine: "Race Start!"
Ji Suk Jin: "Interview start!"
Shermaine: welcome to Hong Kong.
Running Man: Thank you.

Shermaine: This is the first time Running Man have a fanmeeting in Hong Kong. How do you feel?
HaHa: First of all we are excited, and i even can't sleep well because of that.
Ji Suk Jin: I wondered how many people will purchase the tickets to our fanmeeting.
Kim Jong Kook: In fact when we came to Hong Kong last time, we did not greet the fans properly as we were busy fliming. Now we are fully prepared to interact with the fans on stage. We had prepared some interesting and special programme for the fan meeting.
Shermaine: Jackie Chan had appeared in your program and all of you would like to meet up with him for a meal. If Jackie Chan were to be a guest in Running Man again, what other things you would like him to do?

Ji Suk Jin: What we would ask him to do?
Kim Jong Kook: A "Running Man Vs Kungfu Panda" theme will be interesting.
HaHa: Actually, Jackie Chan teacher is our idol and i watch his martial arts movie since young. If it is possible, we would like him to spend more time with us. A two days, one night Kungfu Journey, something more exciting. Show us some of the martial arts (Kungfu).
Gary: Last time in movies, there was a martial arts called "drunken fist" and a segment of the moive shows him balancing on a bamboo while holding the wine pot.
Ji Suk Jin: We wanted to catch hold of Jackie Chan, although he will never allow us to catch him.
HaHa: We watched his movie since young and now that he is older, we can organise a Jackie Chan friends team with Sammo Hung, Yuan Biao and  Stephen Chow Vs the Running Man. It will be fun.
Ji Suk Jin: yes
Kim Jong Kook: They have many fans in Korea.
Shermaine: Running Man has many innovative games and one of the highlight is name tag tearing. I don't know if it is possible to show us some tactics on Name tag tearing. Since you are in Hong Kong, please demostrate to us how to tear off the name tag in the shortest time. HaHa, can you demostrate by wearing this?

(Haha wore the vest with his name tag behind and turned to Jong Kook saying " Teacher, Shi Fu (Master)."
Kim Jong Kook: I will teach you a tip on name tag tearing. Let me demostrate: First catch hold of the opponent and pull the shirt. Reach for the name tag and tear off. The other method is to reach for the name tag at the back and pulled it off with your strength. That is the basic.
HaHa: pointing at Shermaine, "do you want to try?" and she took up the challenge to rip HaHa name tag off. After she suceeded, she jokingly did a hand gesture (thumb pointing down at HaHa to indicate out!).
Shermaine: You have knew each other in Running Man for three years and i believe you are familar with each other. Now we have prepare some Yes or No questions and the Running Man have to answer the question accordingly making hand gesture at the same time. 'O' for yes, 'X' for no.
Shermaine: First question: Does fliming Running Man challenges acting too?
Running Man: Yes.
Shermaine: Yes, the Running Man need to acomplish some missions and there is a spy for some of the missions, therefore, they need to act. In that case, who is the best in acting and who is the worse?
Running Man: Girin ( Giraffe) Kwang Soo.
Gary: I was often deceive by his acting skill, therefore, i get betrayed by him.
Shermaine: Ji Suk Jin is the eldest in Running Man. Did you go easy on him and let him go during game session?
Running Man: No
Ji Suk Jin: They did not go easy on me because we wanted to present the show as real variety show.
Gary: Only when Ji Suk Jin gets eliminated then the race will start.
Ji Suk Jin: If i did not get eliminated, then they will keep fliming non-stop.
Shermaine: Only girls cannot win him?
Running Man: No
Ji Suk Jin: Ji Hyo is not a woman, she is a man. She has the strength of a man.
HaHa: Ji Hyo has both the strength and the brain. She is very fierce.
Shermaine: Don't know is this true: " Does Kim Jong Kook uses his muscles to bully people?"
Running Man: Yes (except for Kim Jong Kook)

Kim Jong Kook: No, it is because of the character i am playing in Running Man. I am force to protray myself in that manner. I would not do that in real life. ( HaHa and Gary pretended to be afraid).
Shermaine: Now we know Kim Jong Kook will not use his muscle to bully people. The next question: Monday couple is a match-make in heaven?
Running Man: Yes. (Except for Gary who did not respond and Ji Suk Jin who signal cross)
Kim Jong Kook: Why? Do you like her?
Ji Suk Jin: No,  this is unpredictable..
HaHa: You like her?
Gary: Do you like her? Why did you confess your affection to her here?
Kim Jong Kook: Why did you suddenly confess your feeling in Hong Kong?
Ji Suk Jin: I just think that they won't work out.
Kim Jong Kook: Why did you say all the bad things?
Ji Suk Jin: No, i am just giving my opinion.
HaHa: Initially, i do not find them matching but now they look matching, just like couple dating. Like husband and wife. It will be good if they can develop their relationship from here and have a child.

Gary: What? A Child?
Ji Suk Jin: I still do not find them compatible.
Kim Jong Kook: Why are you like this? They are compatible.
HaHa: Do you like her?
Ji Suk Jin: Now they are gradually getting better than previous time, they look more compatible now.
HaHa: Too late!
Kim Jong Kook: Big brother, what do you think of sister-in-law?
Ji Suk Jin: Yes, yes, yes (gives the 'O' sign)
Shermaine: Were there times when playing games and someone gets angry?
Running Man: Yes (Everybody points to Ji Suk Jin and he points to himself)

Shermaine: Why?
Ji Suk Jin: They all make me angry. They really make people lose temper!
Gary: Because he is older, so he became petty.

Kim Jong Kook: Beacuse of his age, he gets angry easily.
Ji Suk Jin: For example, this show has many games is'nt it? Because we have to play it real, therefore, regardless of age, we have to compete fairly. There are times that are'nt favourable to me and that frustrates me.
HaHa: But big brother will cool down after the fliming, Basically, it is for fun.
Ji Suk Jin: You all thought that i can cool down easily but there are things which i am still angry until now.
HaHa: Let's talk about it tonight.
Gary: Yes.
Kim Jong Kook: Let's bury the hatchet in Hong Kong.
Shermaine: Alright, After fliming Running Man, does recovering of stamina/strength for fliming needs time?

Running Man: Yes (except HaHa)
HaHa: Rest for one week. Not one day.
Kim Jong Kook: Very tired, although everybody cannot see the fliming process, actually there are many dangerous things such as over exert the body. Therefore, everyone please do not imitate. This is true, do not attempt at home.
HaHa: Need to be careful.
Shermaine: Ji Suk Jin is it tiring for you?
Ji Suk Jin: Yes! Very tired. Today is tired too. I want to sleep.
Gary: Everyday tired.
Shermaine: Rest for a week right?

Ji Suk Jin: No. A month. Because fliming process can be long, sometimes it is possible to flim for 20 hours.
HaHa: Everytime audience watch the show is only 10% of the fliming.
Ji Suk Jin: The program is 50 minutes. Because we may flim for 20 hours so we get very tired.
Shermaine: Running Man helps you discover your hidden talent/ strength, will it stir up your inner potential?
Running Man: Yes
Kim Jong Kook: Because of the different types of games. The first time we challenge or
we do not know, then we discovered that we are good in that aspect. Normally, we do not know. Then we find out that there are many things that were achievable.

HaHa: Such aas Ji Suk Jin Scissors, paper, stone. It does not depend on strength but it depends on brain and good eye-sight. That stirs out his hidden potential. Shall we try that?
(Ji Suk Jin went around competing in Scissor, paper stone until he lost to the host.)
Everyone cheers and hi five with Shermaine and she did a hand sign (Thumbs down) in front of the dejected Ji Suk Jin. Something that she meant it as a joke and ask Ji Suk Jin not to be angry.
Shermaine: Thank you for the interview today and this enable us to know more about Running Man. We have prepare a little gift for everyone. We Know Running Man member HaHa has became a daddy. Congratulation.
HaHa: Thank you.
Shermaine: We have prepare presents for them. (balloons of each characters, Tiger, Monkey, Haroro and Impala)
HaHa: Thank you.
Kim Jong Kook: It looks beautiful
Gary: This look like me.
Ji Suk Jin: Wow, I have one too.
Shermaine: Say something to the fans.
Ji Suk Jin: To everybody who loves Running Man, the four of as although not all of us are here were thankful to everyone for the support. We will work harder for everyone. We really love Hong Kong and we hope to come again next time.
HaHa: The next time we come again, we will prepare more things. Thank you.
Kim Jong Kook: We had prepare many things, hope that everyone will spend happy time with the Running Man.
Gary: I love Hong Kong.
Ji Suk Jin: Let's say I love Hong Kong. 1,2,3
Running Man: I love Hong Kong! Thank you.


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