Sunday, August 04, 2013

Running Man song by Apple Hsu

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Running Man Song by Apple Hsu

This is a song written and sang by a Running Man Fan - Apple Hsu. When i heard it for the first time, i immediately finds it catchy and i like the way she describe the Running Man. She talked about their characteristics in the song:

 Ji Suk Jin - the eldest in Running Man who tries his best but is still the weakest and his signature "Race Start!"
Yoo Jae Suk - the grasshopper best weapon is the gun and the soundtrack - "Step by Step" whenever he dances.
Brotherhood: Yoo Jae Suk Sunflower (JSJ)
Kim Jong Kook -  the one that was feared the most and whenever he appears special effect, "Sparta!" will be heard.
HaHa - Kim Jong Kook younger brother is the coward Running Man and a betrayer.
Brotherhood - Dance 'Black Cat' together. :)
Gary - The occasional 'Mr Capable' who is smitten with his Monday girlfriend Song Ji Hyo. Stress!
Song Ji Hyo - The Ace of Running Man, she will turn into bad Ji Hyo when she is angry.
Monday Couple: Sweet moment
Lee Kwang Soo - Poor Kwang Soo, everything bad happen to him during games.
Apple Hsu also gave credit to the Running Man team behind the scene and PD Dong Wan! What do you think of this song?




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