Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 2


The next day Yoon Seo saw a shirtless Shi-on standing at the bedside and she totally freak out!! I personally thought that this part was funny and Joo Woo look cute. I like how Shi-on just stood there, brushes his teeth and reacted indifferently to all the accusation. On the other hand, i feel sad for him because he could not connect himself to the things around him like everyone else. His social behaviour is abnormal and that will definitely be a challenge to him as the story goes on.

In this episode, i get to understand more about people with Savant Syndrome and the way they behave. This gave me a better understanding of Shi-on and why did he react in a certain manner such as laughing outwardly when he was actually nervous. That could have caused alot of misunderstanding, especially people who are ignorant of  autistic disorder.  

Do-Han was impatient with Shi-on and always think that he should not be a resident surgeon in this hospital at all. His harsh treatment on Shi-on gets on my nerves sometimes but i could not exactly blame him for treating Shi-on this way because of the huge responsibilty concerning life and death. I understand from Do-han point of view, his corncern and mistrust towards Shi-on.

Doctor Choi was actually Do-han mentor and they shared a deep bonding too. From this episode, i can see that Do-han deeply respected his mentor. Therefore, he is 'force' to accept Shi-on and take him under his wings. Indeed, after the incident happened, it was hard to trust Shi-on. I can see that Shi-on is like a 'robot' which processes knowledge and theories. It is like all the books he memorize was programme into his brain and he can only fuction or think in that particular way.

I love to see Yoon-Seo and Shi-on interaction in this episode. It was endearing to see someone like Yoon-Seo who treated Shi-on well even after she knows about his condition.

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