Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 3


This episode talks about moral values and when face with a choice of life and death, which option will you chose? Going against the rules and defy the higher authorities or save a life at all cost? No matter how much i dislike Do-han for treating my hero badly, i have to admit that what he said is right afterall. Shi-on should not have given the baby parents hope, especially when the child is at a crtical stage. However, Shi-on saw the baby strong will to survive and will take all risk to save him. I like the way he looked at the baby and encourage him to live. Then he recalled the past when his hyung was still with him.

The politic and struggle for power in the hospital management is not something new and i hope the drama will not emphasize too much on it as it will get boring. Nonetheless, a small dosage is alright for some story development. As expected, the evil people wanted to catch Shi-on mistake and kick Doctor Choi out of the management. For a medical drama, the focus should be on the doctors facing impossible task and the suspense of someone life in a person hands. This drama has been heading in the right direction and i hope to see more development in Do-han character. It seems like he is not a cold blooded person, he had a photograph of himself and a young man. Who is he?

Yoon-seo and Do-han shared great memories together and i think they do like each other. That is why i wondered what happen to them? Why did Do-han ended up with Chae-Kyung? I am looking forward to how Shi-on adapt to the hospital and the way of working.
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